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Among the takeaways from Facebook's fourth-quarter earnings report this week was this: Mobile advertising is a serious revenue driver. The social network's revenue grew 40 percent in the fourth quarter of compared to the same period the previous year, beating analyst expectations.

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Of that, mobile ads accounted for 23 percent of ad revenue, up from 14 percent in the previous quarter. The growth of mobile -- more Facebook users now visit the site through mobile apps than a desktop computer -- is good news for Facebook and for advertisers, who have long hoped the platform could deliver results commensurate with its enormous user base.

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Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg predicted that Facebook would eventually make more money on every minute of Facebook mobile traffic than on desktop traffic. This week, Foursquare released a standalone app for business owners.

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A mobile extension of its desktop merchant tools, the app allows businesses to see recent check-ins, update specials and post promotions to social networks while on the go. Major retailers can't use the app, according to AllThingsD, but it should allow small businesses to engage more conveniently with customers.

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Popular cloud computing service Dropbox announced that over the next month it will release new features designed to make its service more social and content-oriented. Known for secure data backup, Dropbox is now separating some types of content, such as photos and songs, from file folders, and making it easier to share them.

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Say you have a folder of pictures of your employees during company-wide event or interacting with customers. Now you'll be able to select which ones you want to share and easily share them -- via Facebook, Twitter or email -- in a virtual album.

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With social media's ability to spread advertisements virally, more Super Bowl advertisers are releasing their game-day commercials early by posting them to YouTube.

It seems a smart strategy: Commercials or teasers posted online before football's serious network earnings game received an average of 9. Those posted after airing on TV averaged only 1.

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Sometimes, allowing employees access to your social media accounts can backfire. That's what happened to U. The first serious network earnings read, "We're tweeting live from HR where we're all being fired!

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