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Rezvyakov training in trading. What does a trader do. What is a trader? Choose a broker

What does a trader do. What rezvyakov training in trading a trader? Choose a broker 4. Its appearance and development is associated with the spread of the Internet, brokers' broad advertising that you can trade and not work, as well as with the growth of financial markets and available tools. Many consider them players, but is it really so? He independently determines what and when to buy and sell.

In fact, it is a trader, the same trader as in the real market. His goal is to make money on the difference between buying and selling, and everything else does not concern him. In order to become an exchange trader, it is enough to have only start-up capital, a computer and Internet access.

Achievements John Arnold John Arnold, a man about whom we can confidently say: he made himself. John's first job was as a trader at the US energy giant, Enron. InForbes magazine ranked John Arnold th in the richest Americans. Thus, Arnold became the youngest American billionaire.

Therefore, in the 21st century, there are so many who engage in online trading. What does a trader do Traders trade in various financial markets this can be Forex, stock rezvyakov training in trading, trading on the cryptocurrency exchange, etc. At the expense of traders there is a constant change in stock quotes, currencies, bonds, goods. They create volatility and liquidity in the markets. In fact, they are the main participants on it. Myth 1. Trading is easy. Almost every person far from trading represents a trader in the form of a successful person who travels the world and sometimes enters the terminal to earn another million.

In fact, this is a myth and such traders in real life do not exist. Almost all professional traders trade either from home or from the office.

It is very simple to open a position, but professionals will never do it without thought on trips, travels. Myth 2. Only luck is important. Another myth about traders is that only luck matters.

2. What does a trader do

This is not entirely wrong. Good luck has a place to be, but this is only one of many factors on the path of a professional. A trader is a person who primarily manages risks. Any transaction is a risk.

Therefore, a professional should open and close transactions in such a way as to minimize the risks of loss and increase the ability to make a profit profit.

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In the 21st century, special robots for trading began to appear. But this is only a tool in the hands of a trader than a chicken laying golden eggs. Many are sure that the robot is capable of making millions, but in fact this is a delusion.

Note Sometimes they are called players, although professionals can hardly be called that. Trader's profession - how to become one To officially become a trader, you need to undergo special training. There are many courses that teach you to trade. Now more professional institutions have begun to appear, which give certificates and diplomas that a specific person has been trained. Should I learn this profession?

Yes and no. The fact is that trading is an activity that is not suitable for everyone. Many understand this after many years. Working as a trader in a private company can achieve good results. But trading at home on yourself can achieve even greater results, because you rezvyakov training in trading play on yourself.

But in case of loss, you lose your hard-earned money. Some mistakenly believe that a trader and a broker are one and the same person.

About the seminar Gerchik wrote not so long ago in the LJ, and then Martin posted a blog interview with Alexander Rezvyakov, I listened with great interest. There was quite banal things, type to let profits run, to cut losses, to trade trends and comfortable amount. However, expressed more presenters and invited experts, than Alexander.

However, this is a fallacy. The broker is a representative of the company giving access to participate in the trade.

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He earns on commissions of clients and on the provision of some other services trust management, consultations, personal consultant, etc. Many do not find here what they were looking for - money. As statistics show, most lose money and leave the market "at their own" or at a loss. Let's consider what qualities a professional trader has.

rezvyakov training in trading trading official

An experience. Over time, the trader sees many different situations in the market and gaining knowledge. It is difficult to trade without experience, since many situations are repeated and a knowledgeable trader will already accurately respond to all events.

All professional traders are disciplined.

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They do not take any actions that would not have been previously considered in their trading system. More details about this moment are written in the article: Trading Psychology Cold calculation.

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The complete lack of emotions in the trade. A professional will never be happy or worried about the results of bidding. He knows that all this is only part of the game, which in any case will lead him to profit.

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Resistant to victory and defeat. There is no joy in earning big profits, as well as frustration with losses. It may not seem surprising, but professionals like to trade more from the office than at home. The working atmosphere contributes to better discipline and self-control on the exchange.

Why do you think a trader in the office has an advantage over a home player? It's all about discipline.

If data of the next contracts are approximately equal, then we choose the more distant term. Surely we specify the last day of the trade and date of an expiration of the chosen contract not to remain with the open transaction in the last hours of its existence. Otherwise, at best, you have to be closed in the thin market with non-standard spreads, and in the worst — the broker will fix your transaction on very unprofitable price.

At work, the trader will not be allowed to lose more money per day or week than is stipulated in the contract. As a result, he follows his strategy, taking into account the rules of money management.

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How much do traders earn The issue of earnings can be stretched over many lines of text. This is really a difficult question, because most traders do not earn at all. Probably, many having read this data may change their minds about trading.

I believe that it is more correct to call not absolute income, but relative. See also an interesting video: Related entries: Who is a trader and what does he do? What service is designed for trader statistics? How to choose a trader on the stock exchange and what are the prices for their services?

Popular cryptocurrency course Etherium halved. Now rolled back. Good day, dear readers of the HeatherBober business magazine! In touch Alexey Morozov is an expert on trading in financial markets. We continue to talk about trading. I gave an example above to illustrate trading earnings.

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The topic of today's article is a trader. Who is a trader and what does he do A trader makes money from fluctuations in the price of financial instruments. Examples of commodity market instruments: oil, gas, coal, cotton, corn, wheat, sugar, tea, coffee, etc.

Stock Market Tools: stocks and bonds. About Forex, we already had a lot of articles, read, for example, " ". If you are interested in the securities market - I advise you to look at "".

rezvyakov training in trading what is the most important thing in trading

To make money on price fluctuations, you have to buy cheaper and sell more expensive. Advisor robot binary options how do you know if a financial instrument is low or high?

Will she grow or fall? Intuition is useless. Traders to make trading decisions conduct market analysis. Fundamental analysis studies the most important thing on which the change in price depends, - individual state economy. As Charles Dow said, the market takes everything into account, so the "fundamentalists" peer into the darkest corners of the financial world, compare various factors.

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Absolutely everyone is now interested in that trader who this is, because this profession can be mastered at home. Every third person considers himself involved in trading, since everyone has heard about Forex, binary options, currency exchanges.

So what does this person rezvyakov training in trading do - we will analyze in more detail below. Some imagine the profession of a trader as a profitable hobby, others as a complex profession.

Both sides will be right. Now everyone can master rezvyakov training in trading skills of exchange trading, pour a small initial capital on a deposit and start earning. There are such resources for this: Stock and currency exchanges. It is enough to register on the website of the exchange or broker to begin to engage in trading - trading. Of course, not everyone manages to hold out for a week, so the basics of the profession should still be mastered a little.

Trader what is it: general description in simple words In translation, the term "trader" means "trader" and this is a very accurate definition. He must buy and sell various assets, winning on the price difference. It is she who will be his speculative profit. He does not seek to hold on to those same acquired assets for a long time, since the main goal is to tighten and sell more profitably or buy them at the right time.

In other words, everything happens on a buy-sell basis. Where else can this be found? Of course, in the market.