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Simple Forex Scalping Strategy The Puria Method

Another question frequently asked by beginner trades. It is a common error of those who think only about making money to ignore money management. A piece of advice.

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Next, count the lot volume and the distance to put the stop loss based on the risk amount you can accept. That is the risk level rather than a potential profit that should be the basis to develop your trading strategy. I want to specify in crfxfnm dbltjrehcs gj make money online beginning that the fourth digit after the comma, although the quote is written in five digits.

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At the time of writing the article, there was a good signal in the chart, based on which I entered a trade, though a little late. At the next bar that is rising with a long shadow downone should have entered a trade.

Simple Forex Scalping Strategy 'The Puria Method' - Ana

I will repeat myself, I was a little late to discover the signal, so I entered a trade at the bar marked with the arrow 5 pips lower, the take profit is only 10 pips, instead of 15 ones recommended by the author ; so, the red dotted line a stop loss is for this bar. If I entered based on the first signal, the stop loss would have been at least 5 pips higher than it is. Differently put, although the price goes up after I have entered the trade, it moves for just 8 pips, and the stop loss is not hit.

I leave the position open and will return to it later. Now, I suggest we look at the history. Before, for this currency pair, the signals have appeared three times during the recent week.

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In the first two cases, the MACD pained the confirming bar too late. But even opening a position after MACD paints the bar at the light level, the trader would have gained about 10 pips in all the three cases.

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In general, it is quite well, taking into account that there have been no reversals in the direction of a stop in all three cases. All trades would have been closed during the same day they were opened.

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This snapshot displays an example of a losing trade. However, an attentive trader would have closed it in four or five candlesticks after it was entered, without waiting for the stop to work out. There are losing trades, but a couple of trades out of the last 10 winning trades could have yielded more than 50 pips a day. I discover a signal, at the MACD second bar, I enter a long trading robot puria method with a take profit of 10 pips and a stop loss of 15 pips The result of the two positions.


The total result: although I entered the trade only at the third down bar with a delay of 5 pipsthe trade still closed at a take profit. It is also clear that there was a short correction that put the price to the entry-level at some point. It is enough to wait it through and take the profit from the price drop further. I will again repeat myself, at least a few minutes in each half an hour, I had to be in front of my computer, monitoring only two positions.

It is better to enter a trade at the next bar following the closing of trading robot puria method signal bar after the fast Trading robot puria method crosses the other two. In this case, it would have been enough to look at the longer timeframes to see a clear downtrend emerging.

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This screenshot shot shows that the price continues moving down. The green dotted line is the entry-level, red dots mark the stop loss and the take profit.

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And there is the total result of all the three trades. As the third trade was entered in the evening, but all signals indicated the trend should continue, so it was left in the market.

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My notes: A think a profit of 15 is an ambitious claim, especially if one enters the trade one or two bars following the signal. So, I recommend you to be in front of your computer all the time, monitoring your positions in real time, and exit your trades manually at any sign of a possible reversal two consecutive reversal bars.

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The trades are most commonly exited during the same day as they have been entered. But it takes at least 5 or 6 bars to complete on average, which is about three hours for a minute timeframe.

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If you enter a trade in the evening. On average there is one losing trade and 4 winning ones.

Great advisor! Finally something that's really working. It also implements a grid strategy, that is enabled automatically when false signals are received from two moving averages at once, which in turn allows to move the trade into breakeven and to close it with profit. The order opening step and the initial lot multiplication factor can be specified in the EA parameters.

If you do not monitor the chart, one losing trade will ruin the profit of two or three winning ones. If you want to improve your trading performance, exit the trades manually.

The settings are optimal, in fact. Any shift of the period of slow MAs by 10 85 and 65 or 95 and However, I think that for each currency pair they can be adjusted.

It makes no sense to set long timeframes.

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There has already been designed a trading robot based on the strategy, you can download the template here. An attempt to test it in the MT4 tester on 2 pairs in was unsuccessful, by the end of the period, in both cases, there was a loss. The matter must have been in the settings, which obviously do not suit for automated strategies.

As I wrote above, you can minimize the loss by manually closing the position without waiting for a stop, as well as by robot or manual trading the length of the take profit in case of a strong trend.

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