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How you get this token depends on if your app is for your own usage or for the public's usage.

Tokens can be used directly or auth methods can be used to dynamically generate tokens based on external identities. If you've gone through the getting started guide, you probably noticed that vault server -dev or vault operator init for a non-dev server outputs an initial "root token. It is also the only auth method that cannot be disabled.

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As stated in the authentication conceptsall external authentication mechanisms, such as GitHub, map down to dynamically created tokens. These tokens have all the same properties as a normal manually created token.

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Within Vault, tokens map to information. The most important information mapped to a token is a set of one or more attached policies.

These policies control what the token holder is allowed to do within Vault.

Microsoft identity platform ID tokens

Other mapped information includes metadata that can be viewed and is added to the audit log, such as creation time, last renewal time, and more. Given token that external to Vault, tokens are to be considered opaque values by users and as such, their structure is both currently undocumented and subject to change. Read on for given token deeper dive into token concepts. A section near the bottom of this page contains detailed information about their differences, but it is useful to understand other token concepts first.

The features in the following sections all apply to service tokens, and their applicability to batch tokens is discussed later. This is the same as the token authentication backend.

Access Tokens: Debugging and Error Handling Getting Info about Tokens and Debugging When working with an access token, you may need to check what information is associated with it, such as its user or expiry. To get this information you can use our debug toolor you can use the API endpoint. The tokens must be from the same app.

This is a special backend in that it is responsible for creating and storing tokens, and cannot be disabled. It is also the only auth method that has no login capability -- all actions require existing authenticated tokens. Root tokens can do anything in Vault.

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In addition, they are the only type of token within Vault that can be set to never expire without any renewal needed. Given token a result, it is purposefully hard to create root tokens; in fact there are only three ways to create root tokens: The initial root token generated at vault operator init time -- this token has no expiration By using another root token; a root token with an expiration cannot create a root token that never expires By using vault operator generate-root example with the permission of a quorum of unseal key holders Root tokens are useful in development but should be extremely carefully guarded in given token.

Password authentication, either a user's Microsoft password or an app's client secret. This includes if authentication was done by a self-signed JWT with a service owned X certificate.

In fact, the Vault team recommends that root tokens are only used for just enough initial setup usually, setting up auth methods and policies necessary to allow administrators to acquire more limited tokens or in emergencies, and are revoked immediately after they are no longer needed. If a new root token is needed, the operator generate-root command and associated API endpoint can be used to generate one on-the-fly.

It is also good security practice for there to be multiple eyes on a terminal whenever a root token is live.

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  • Your app should validate this value, and reject the token if the value does not match.
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This way multiple people can verify as to the given token performed with the root token, and that the token was revoked immediately after these tasks were completed.

When a parent token is revoked, all of its child tokens -- and all of their leases -- are revoked as well.

Personal access tokens

This ensures that a user cannot escape revocation by simply generating a never-ending tree of child tokens. Often this behavior is not desired, so users with appropriate access can create orphan tokens.

These tokens have no parent -- they are the root of their own token tree.

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Use with caution! This accessor is a value that acts as a reference to a token and can only be used to perform limited actions: Look up a token's properties not including the actual token ID Look up a token's capabilities on a path Renew the token Revoke the token The token making the call, not the token associated with the accessor, must have appropriate permissions for these functions.

Microsoft identity platform access tokens

There are many useful workflows around token accessors. As an example, a service that creates tokens on behalf of another service such as the Nomad scheduler can store the accessor given token with a particular job ID.

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When the job is complete, the accessor can be used to instantly revoke the token given to the job and all of its leased credentials, limiting the chance that a bad actor will discover and use them.

Audit devices can optionally be set to not obfuscate token accessors in audit logs.

Access Tokens: Debugging and Error Handling

This provides a way to quickly revoke tokens in case of an emergency. However, it also means that the audit logs can be used to perform a larger-scale denial of service attack.

ERC20 tokens - Simply Explained

While this is still a dangerous endpoint since given token all of the accessors means that they can then be used to revoke all tokensit also provides a way to audit and revoke the currently-active set of tokens. After the current TTL is up, the token will no longer function -- it, and its associated leases, are revoked.

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If the token is renewable, Vault can be asked to extend the token validity period using vault token renew or the appropriate renewal endpoint. At this time, various factors come into play. This maximum TTL value is dynamically generated and can change from renewal to renewal, so the value cannot be displayed when a token's information is looked up.

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It is based on a combination of factors: The system max TTL, which is 32 days but can be changed in Vault's configuration binary options strategies iq option. The max TTL set on a mount using mount tuning. This value is allowed to override the system max TTL -- it can be longer or shorter, and if set this value will be respected.

Building Apps

A value suggested by the auth method that issued the token. This might be configured on a per-role, per-group, or per-user basis. This value is allowed to be less than the mount max TTL or, if not set, the system max TTLbut it is not allowed to be longer.

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