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But despite expected strong year-end results, many investors are likely to shy away in the short run. A man checks his cell phone outside the Yahoo!

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Yahoo posts results on Tuesday, followed by Amazon. Yahoo Inc posts results on Tuesday, followed by Amazon.

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Because Google does not comment directly on its outlook, investors must read the body language of Chief Executive Eric Schmidt or decipher the meaning of any passing comment Google offers about key advertisers in financial services or autos. Analysts look for revenue at Yahoo to grow just 15 percent. Highlighting the contrast with Google, Yahoo is set to announce job cuts alongside lower earnings this week.

Sources familiar with the plan say fewer than 1, employees could lose jobs -- about half what was rumored on some blog sites.

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Yahoo shares, which closed 5. Net profit is expected to double to about 48 cents per share.

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Despite a 25 percent decline in Google stock since early November, Wall Street is far from capitulating. Unless it finds a deep-pocketed partner, Google would be committing itself to a business with far Internet earnings are big capital returns, Lindsay argues.

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Until recently, most analysts had bet Google would stay away from investing in wireless networks. They want to find out if Google intends to bid to win in the wireless auctions.

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