Make money reading news, Learn How to Get Paid to Read


    The problems in today's news media stems from centralised ownership; billionaires purchase news outlets to launder their reputations and buy influence.

    make money reading news

    Advertisers can dictate editorial style and censor inconvenient news stories. This can lead to an impartial and unbalanced news environment which gets saturated by fake or misleading publishers.

    make money reading news

    The time for a revolution in news funding is here, and ByWire has a plan to help generate wealth and access to capital for all our Readers, Creators and Publishers. Some of this Reward will be shared with the creator of the article and the publisher.

    make money reading news

    This all happens automatically and instantly, via the ByWire Smart Contract, every time an article is read by a unique account. Readers are then given the chance to Reward their free Wirebit back to content creators and publishers in the form of tips.

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    If you like an article, Reward the author so they can continue to produce this work. If not, do nothing, you still earned some free Wirebit anyway.

    But, those with the most Wirebit tokens, who stake their tokens, will be able to influence the ByWire network and corporate governance, Only those who are staking their tokens can vote on the democratic principles of the ByWire network including the management of the tokenonsmics. ByWire will also pay an interest rate for each day users stake their Wirebit tokens, generating an ever greater return for all stakeholders.

    Allena Tapia Updated November 18, The best careers allow you to do what you love. If you love to read and want to make money from your love of bookshere are five ways you can get paid to read. Write Book Reviews There are several ways to get paid to write book reviews. One is to pitch magazines and newspapers that accept book reviews.

    Given that Wirebit is a deflationary token, we suggest making a purchase of as many Wirebit tokens as possible as soon as possible. The prices are likely to rise substantially as the network grows, but the supply of Wirebits remains fixed.

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    Those with the most Wirebits will have the most influence on the platform and will be able to sell them for a likely profit make money reading news new corporate clients as they join the ByWire decentralised news network and require Wirebit tokens to top up their Universal Basic Rewards, providing greater prominence and influence on the network.

    ByWire is considering holding a launch event, where all Wirebit tokens will be reduced in costs for a short period of time. Have a story?

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