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Binguru trading, Interview with Dmitry (Founder of IQ Option)

Part I: General questions Dmitry, please tell us some words about yourself — any information that you consider necessary to share with us. All of them are executives of our company. I have a mathematics background.

I like reading books on how to build a client-oriented service properly and make a business prosperous. When and how binguru trading you know about binary options?

Did you try to work with these services as a trader? Yes, of course. What is the idea behind the name?

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The idea was born in March There were several names of the company. I have just opened my notebook with potential names.

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By the way, I expect that a powerful add-on for our new platform along with the new platform will be released in Binguru trading. If to estimate efforts invested in creation of IQ Option Company in Octoberthen it was not difficult. However, if to consider the efforts spent since the beginning till Februarythen it is a very difficult task. IQ Option opted out of fully packaged products from the start and designed its brand new product.

We paid them for their license and attempted to create a website. However, the idea was disgusting for me from the very beginning.

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My partner insisted on the idea, but how to make money by creating your own business he saw the source code of the platform and other things, we gave up the idea. We took the decision at the moment, when we had been developing our own platform.

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What major difficulties did you experience, while creating your own brokerage company: offices, employees, payment aggregator, and a possibility of legal work with citizens of EU and other countries? The difficulties included complaints to CySEC, carders, making up for the shortage of staff, internal problems of interaction between departments. How many traders have used your platform over the entire history of IQ Option? According to the recent data, 1.

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Very much. What period of time is it true for? In other words, we commit to providing excellent services by offering our software and customer support. We strive to provide it for every trader.

Though our initial risk management policy was immature and unpopular among traders. We changed a payout percentage for some traders — everything was transparent.

However, traders were dissatisfied binguru trading it for obvious reasons. Thank God, we gave up the practice long ago and now we make more money with no issues whatsoever. So, the answer to your question is as follows: 1. I trade by myself and advice my friends to trade too.

Has somebody been granted a substantial supplement to his wage? We often joke that somebody will get a reward on his deposit.

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In fact, many of our employees are engaged in trading. We give no-deposit bonuses to them every month for better understanding of our product.

Where do you recruit your stuff? What are criteria for recruitments? We look for professionals or people with fiery eyes. How does your internal risk management system work? We monitor how much the system earns. If this percentage value differs, we shall change a percentage rate of return on assets. How do you think what your company will be in years or, probably, 5 years?

The company will be a leader in binary options trading. Besides, we shall also widen our range of financial instruments a little and compete for the given market share. It is a very interesting project. It is still in progress now, but I strongly believe in it. We assembled an incredibly great team, and we shall be able to do much and much good for trading. Binguru trading is your assessment of competition in the given market? Are there those who are very close to the heels of your company?

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As I said a year before, there will be competitors who will copy an interface of our platform and mechanism of its operation. THEY, but not the current leaders, will be our true competitors. We saw very and very good clones of our software in October. Though they are offended at our calling them by this name. Never mind: they will not be able to compete with us in the nearest future, when the new version of our platform releases. You will soon introduce the new version 4.

What tasks would you like to solve with it? It will be WOW it is one of values of our company! The new version will operate much faster that the current version 3. We hold an opinion poll among traders every month. A great deal of suggestions has been accumulated since March. So, a great many of them will be implemented exactly in version 4.

How do you think binguru trading the binary options industry will be in several years? Will many companies survive?

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As with Forex industry, there will be many players in the market. However, leaders will be well ahead of others. They have been playing dirty and continue to play dirty.

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The industry is full of filth and fraud. Trading volume of the binary options market is not enough to set a global trend towards a proper behavior and honesty.

Statistically, most of binguru trading lose their money. Why do you think it happens?

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The reason is that any kind of trading is a zero-sum game in terms of mathematics. There is a trader, who won in a trade, binguru trading another trader, who lost in binguru trading trade, and a broker, who is always on the plus side.

However, trading is a great thing. Did you become financially well off thanks to IQ Option? I started to earn money in other industries long before a foundation of the company. However, I spend all my working time on IQ Option only. We were obtaining the license by CySEC during a year. We had to implement a great many restrictions imposed by the regulator, introduce a great deal of accounting procedures, freeze a good deal of money, etc.

We work closely with CySEC. They hold us as an example for other brokerswhich traders filed complaints binguru trading them to CySEC.

What is a legal status of the company in Russian Federation? We develop software and provide support to our clients. It is a usual limited liability company. A Cypriot company acts as counterparty to trades.

Interview with Dmitry (Founder of IQ Option)

By the way, Nasdaq is going to offer binary options trading next year. How do you think what a legal status of binary options will be in several years? Will they become a legal derivative instrument? Until recently, binary options were considered as a financial instrument in Great Britain.

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They binguru trading be still classified as a financial instrument, if a set of requirements is complied with. By the way, our company has been included on the register of FCA this week. Truly speaking, CySEC experiences a pressure for the reason that it regulates a great number of unreliable Forex and binary options brokers.

However, the regulator started to clear the market from such brokers more actively. If not, why won t binguru trading be optional? There are not even 5-minute timeframes not to mention daily timeframes. As a result, most of experienced traders use third-party binguru trading by MetaTrader, TradingView, Netdania, etc.