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A taxable person who earns income of 88, PLN pays the tax of: 14, This is what we call progressive taxable bands. With the amount-based rate we deal in lump-sum taxes. Example: A parish priest in a parish with less than inhabitants pays a quarterly tax amount of PLN.

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A taxable person in income tax While trying to define earnings on the internet sites zloty tax concept with our own words, we will find out that the two most important criteria for the definition are: the object and the subject of taxation. In income tax, the object of taxation is income, as we have already mentioned. Exceptionally, the object of taxation may be revenue or the size of a locality or a parish. On the other hand, the subject of taxation is a party responsible for payment of the tax.

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Simply put: - taxable persons in income tax are parties that have earned income, and are therefore obliged to pay income tax. They may be individuals, legal persons and non-corporate bodies, which are obliged to pay the tax in accordance with legal regulations. An individual is any person from the moment of birth. A legal person is an organisational unit which may be the subject of rights and obligations under civil law. The fact of having a legal personality stems earnings on the internet sites zloty directly from the Act e.

Article 12 of the Code of Commercial Companies dealing with corporations. The concept of other non-corporate body is not defined in the legal regulations. These include, for example, partnerships and other entities, which are considered taxable persons by legal regulations.

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As we know, a taxable person is obliged to pay the tax. The tax is paid to a tax authority, usually a tax office. With income tax it is often the case that tax calculations and payments are handled not by a taxable person on their own but by an intermediary known as a tax payer. Example: A person who derives their income from employment does not actually pay income tax on their own. Instead, their employer acts as a taxpayer, i.

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The taxable person is only obliged to submit an annual tax return in which they will disclose the income earned and the tax collected by the taxpayer specifically: tax advances. Most frequently, the sum of tax advances corresponds to the annual tax, so a taxable person does not have to pay any extra amounts though sometimes it may be necessary to supplement the tax, for example, when several sources of income exist, or when income is earned from abroad. Sometimes a taxable person who benefits from tax reliefs may recognise an overpaid tax in their annual return.

In some cases, a taxable person may be relieved from the obligation to file an annual tax return by the taxpayer the employer or by, for instance, the Social Insurance Institution ZUS.

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Taxation of income of individuals and legal persons Earning means taxes. This general rule means that any entity that earns income is a taxable person in the income tax regime with such entities including individuals, legal persons and other bodies.

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An exception to this rule may apply if a taxable person chooses the lump-sum taxation scheme: then, even though a taxable persons has not earned income, they will have to pay the tax just because they earned some revenue and such situations should also be borne in mind when one opts for lump-sum forms of taxation. Example: Let us assume that Trevor, whom we mentioned before, is engaged in a clothing trade business and earns in the sales revenue ofPLN but incurs expenditure ofPLN.

By the same token, then, Trevor records a loss of earnings on the internet sites zloty, PLN.

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If Trevor opted to pay income tax within the general schemethey would not have to pay any tax. If, however, he chose the lump-sum taxation, he would have to pay the tax of PLN anyway even though he suffered a loss. Personal income tax The universal nature of personal income tax is expressed both subjectively, which means that the tax is levied, in principle, on all individuals, and objectively, which means that the tax is paid on all types of income that may be obtained by an individual.

So in the Personal Income Tax Act which was amended more than times over 21 yearswe find regulations concerning income derived from: a employment; c business activity self-employment of individuals ; d special branches of agricultural production; e rental; f capital gains and property rights; g sales of real and other property; h other sources.

Any person who earns income from any of the above-listed sources becomes a taxable person. And as we become an individual from the moment of birth, taxable persons in income tax are also children who earn income e.

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The catalogue of taxable income items is thus, as we can see, a very broad and open one. Example: According to a lunatic idea of the tax authorities, if a neighbour gives us a morning lift to work in his car, we obtain income because we have not had to spend ten or so zloty on a ticketand such income should be taxed.

Although it may sound ridiculous, the idea is in fact justified under the Personal Income Tax Act. Limited and unlimited tax obligation The universal nature of personal income tax is also reflected in the 'unlimited tax obligation'.

In certain cases, for lower earners, a small personal allowance tax free amount can be claimed. Residents Residents as a rule pay tax on the basis of the aforementioned progressive rate scale. Non-residents Non-residents, similarly to residents, pay tax on the basis of the progressive tax rate scale if they work under an employment contract. Specific income sources for example, personal service contract, or management contract are subject to 20 percent flat rate final tax.

This obligation means that a person who lives in Poland cannot escape the tax. So even if we leave the country to work abroad, the Polish tax authorities will still be interested in our foreign earnings.

This is because of the fact that a person whose place of internet investment for beginners is Poland is subject to the tax in Poland on their entire income, regardless of whether it has been earned in Poland or in another country.

The same applies to foreigners who live or earn their income in Poland. However, if we earn money abroad, an issue of eliminating double taxation will occur because foreign income of persons living in Poland will attract both the Polish tax authorities and the tax authorities in the country where such income is earned. However, as we have as already mentioned, personal income tax does not apply only to persons who live in Binary options trading risk. Taxable persons will also be those who earn money in Poland.

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Here we deal with the 'limited tax obligation'. Because he earns income in the territory of Poland, his corresponding income is taxable earnings on deposits in the Internet Poland too — pursuant to the Polish tax regulations but also according to the Polish-Czech double taxation convention. So the unlimited tax obligation means that if a person lives in Poland, their entire income earned during the year, including foreign income, is taxable in Poland.

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In contrast, the limited tax obligation means that a person who earns money in Poland, although they do not live here, will pay the tax on income earned in Poland.

So it may turn out that taxable persons subject to income tax in Poland are more numerous than the total population. The object of personal income tax consists of income, and if a taxable person derives their income from more than one source, the object of taxation in a given tax year is the sum total of income from all sources of revenue.

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This principle is not applied to income revenue that is taxed in the lump-sum scheme, and business income subject earnings on the internet sites zloty the flat-rate tax, capital gains income and income derived from property rights and sales of real property — such income is taxed separately. Annual tax settlement Following the end of a tax year for individuals the tax year corresponds to the calendar year — by 30 April of the following year if that day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the last day of the period should be the day following the holiday option on the exchange — taxable persons subject to personal income tax are required to file with a tax office the tax return sstating the amount of income earned loss incurred in a tax year.

Lump-sum income tax The Act of 20 November on the Lump-sum Income Tax on Certain Revenue Earned by Individuals regulates taxation of certain revenue income earned by individuals: a involved in non-agricultural business activities; b earning revenue from rental, subletting, lease, sublease or other contracts of a similar nature, provided that such contracts are not concluded as part of non-agricultural business activities; c clergymen.

For individuals who pursue a business activity, or derive their income from rental, a general rule is taxation with personal income tax. However, if they satisfy certain conditions specified in the Lump-sum Tax Act, they may declare their intent to pay the lump-sum tax. In the case of the clergy, we deal with the opposite situation: in principle, they are subject to the lump-sum tax, but if they want to, they can waive that right and pay personal income tax.

Lump-sum amount on registered revenue The lump-sum tax on registered revenue is paid on individuals' revenue from non-agricultural business activities, including the activities in the form of a civil partnership of individuals and in the form of a general partnership of individuals.

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The lump-sum tax on registered revenue may be paid by taxable persons who start a business activity and opt for this taxation scheme, and if they were active in business in the preceding year — provided that their last year's business revenue did not exceed the equivalent ofEUR.

Example: In Rob took up a trading business. Because he wanted to pay the lump-sum tax on registered revenue, prior to the start of business activities he notified his intent to the head of a tax office if no such notification had been submitted, he would have been subject to personal income tax in the general scheme. The taxable base is revenue not reduced by revenue expenditure. Taxable persons that use this taxation scheme are obliged to keep: the records of revenue for each tax year separately, the equipment records, and the register of fixed and intangible assets.

Some types of businesses cannot use the lump-sum taxation scheme including pharmacies, businesses buying and selling foreign exchange, or businesses trading in parts and accessories for motor vehicles.

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As regards settlement and reporting obligations, taxable persons are obliged to calculate and pay the tax at monthly or quarterly intervals, and file an annual tax return at the end of the year by 31 January. Corporate income tax Entities having legal personality primarily corporations: limited liability companies and joint stock companies are taxable persons in corporate income tax. In addition to legal persons, the following entities are also subject to the tax: - non-corporate bodies, with the exception of companies without legal personality i.

Taxable persons in corporate income tax pay the tax on income, i. In the case of certain revenue e. Tonnage tax This tax is of the least importance for the budget.

The tax is paid by shipping companies operating marine commercial vessels in international shipping. The taxable base is income, which is determined in a rather peculiar way.

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The taxable base in tonnage tax consists of a shipping company's income that corresponds to the product of: the daily rate dependent on the net register tonnage of the ship and the period of service in earnings on the internet sites zloty given month of all ships operated by the company the income from which is subject to tonnage tax. Shipping companies are obliged to file with a tax office their tonnage tax returns, stating the tax how to make money after 40 for a given tax year by 31 January of the following year.