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In the event of any such overlap, and in the interests of the few delegates who might be affected by such an overlap, it is recommended that convenors consult with the individuals affected in an attempt to resolve the issue on an informal basis.

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George C. Flowers The Diamond "DNA" Project Emiliano Oliveira Session 1 - Framing the Issue: Academia - Industry Linkages, some examples Arbour Meeting Room Facilitating integration between fundamental and applied geosciences Peter Bobrowsky Keynote Earth sciences academic community involvement in the regulated profession of geoscience - Canada's win-win outcome: graduate advancement and competent practitioners.

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Ryo Matsumoto Keynote A sampling technology for gas hydrates by borehole bottom freezing Wei Guo Variation of gas-hydrates along seismic lines constrained from well data in the KG basin, eastern Indian offshore Kalachand Sain Microscopic simulation of migration and deposition of fine particles in packed beds Shinichiro Hirabayashi Shallow gas hydrate is not feasible for energy resource?

Anne Pommier Gabbro-norites in fossil extensional environments Alpine ophiolites and modern oceanic analogues Giovanni B.

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An example from Groundwater Systems in the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin, Namibia Christoph Lohe A decade's urban geology in Beijing Jiurong Liu The Namibian coastal Aquifer "Omdel": From hydro-chemical groundwater fingerprinting to the development of a conceptual and numerical groundwater model.

The case-study of the Pe?

Kennard Bork Grigory Gotthelf Fischer von Waldheim : author of the first scientific works on Russian geology and paleontology. Zoya Bessudnova The amazing Mr.

Ashok Tejankar Session 1 - Climate variability in the Holocene Boulevard Meeting Room The climate variability during the Holocene: a perspective based on sea-level, solar insolation and irradiance forcings Edouard Bard Keynote Saharian input and humidity in two alpine lake sediments during the Holocene: offsets, cyclicity and biogeochemical impacts Sierra Nevada, south-eastern Spain.

Francisco J.

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Joao Babo Effect of Contamination on PGE-hosted Sulphides Dave Hutchinson The role of halogens in sulfide the most accurate options for the strategy at Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia Paul Millsteed Comparison of giant uranium provinces in the internal Variscides Saxony, Thuringia and Streltsovsky caldera Siberia - indications for mantle-derived U mineralization Thomas Kurguzkin stock trading systematic approach ASIC for bitcoins understanding of metal transport in hydrothermal ore fluids: in situ experiments and ab initio molecular dynamic simulations.

Weihua Liu Session 2 - Petroleum prospectivity of divergent and transform passive margin basins of North and South Atlantic, Arctic, India and Australasia Mezzanine Room Petroleum prospectivity of the offshore northern Perth Basin; an integrated stratigraphic, geochemical and basin modelling study Andrew Kurguzkin stock trading systematic approach The Gulf of Mexico origin based on the existence of a hot spot sensu J. Jess Hillman Research on formation model of gas hydrate deposits at Shenhu Area, northern South China Sea Nengyou Wu Undrained shear behaviour of soil samples recovered from seafloor in eastern Nankai Trough Shin'ya Nishio Methane seepage in pockmark CN03, Nyegga, mid-norwegian margin Yifeng Chen The relationship between tectonic subsidence and BSR of Upper Neogene in the deepwater area of the northern continental slope, South China Sea Xinghe YU Invited Session 2 - Continental Depositional Systems: Boulevard Room Sediments and process environments of a tectonically active, perhumid, temperate glacial system: a New Zealand case study James Shulmeister Tributary, distributary and other fluvial styles: what really represents the norm in the continental rock record?

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Schellart New constraints of subducted mantle lithosphere on plate-tectonic reconstructions John Suppe Refining the space-time strain path of the Central Basin and Range through low temperature thermochronology: Implications for geodynamic controls kurguzkin stock trading systematic approach Cenozoic intraplate deformation Tandis Bidgoli The Ma plate reorganisation event: scale and potential driving mechanisms Kara Matthews Session 2 - Building Planet Earth- the first million years Plaza Meeting Room China's oldest rock is near Beijing: Recognition of Ga orthogneiss migmatite in E.

Petersburg City area Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky Study of geology and Carboniferous roof topography upon engineering geological mapping of Moscow territory Olga Eremina Why are the potential benefits of urban geology ignored? SimpsonPaleontologist, Evolutionist.

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Laporte Keynote Dorothy Hill, A. Poster sessions will be held on Monday to Thursday from 5. Preliminary 3D geoelectrical model of the Research Laboratory on Geological Storage of CO 2 in Hontomin Burgos, Spain Seismic interpretation of gas reservoir and saline aquifers for CO 2 geological storage Ulleung Basin, offshore Korea Generation of simultaneous vertical and horizontal vibrations by synthetic method for time Lapse monitoring Injected air diffusion and influence of rain fall in the near surface ground near the Nojima Fault in Awaji Island CO 2 storage capacity of structural closures in the southern Jeju Basin, off southern Korea, northern East China Sea Development of mine transportation managing system in underground limestone mine, Korea 8.

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Bauxitic ore associated to charnockitic rocks in the eastern region of Brazil Lithotheque-style national databases as part of a global information system on mineral deposits Behaviors of mantle fluid during mineralizing process: Jinding super-large Pb-Zn Deposit, Yunnan Province, China Occurrence of arsenic and its influence on precipitation of gold in the Jinlongshan gold deposit, southern Qinling Mountains, China A case study on rational exploration and development of large and super-large deposits 82 43 Poster Session - Monday - Mezzanine Level continued Symposium Poster Presenter Board Title Anatoly Zhirnov The new gold-iron ore giant in Russia in the Jewish Autonomic Region Far East