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Our Forex and CFD Trading Course provides you with the know-how and confidence to profitably trade highly leveraged markets. It doesn't matter what your share trading objectives are, whether it is to start a career in finance, manage your client's direct share investments, holiday with your family, pay for your children's tuition, earn extra income or to support yourself in retirement — we've got a course that will teach you how to successfully achieve your financial goals.

In fact, our ongoing commitment to delivering quality stock market trading courses enables us to offer solutions that enhance both the professional and investor alike.

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What makes our trading courses unique? Competency Based: Wealth Within offers the first and only nationally accredited share trading course at Diploma level, which means there is independent evidence that on completion you will be competent and confident in the application of the techniques and strategies being taught.

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Pathways: On completion of the Diploma, students may also be eligible for credit towards the Bachelor of Business Finance at institutions both locally and offshore, subject to meeting the universities entry requirements.

No Marketing Hype: We also won't give you any sales and marketing hype or make any false claims.

Online trading training from scratch. Independent training in trading. Basic terms and concepts

Every course offered must pass our rigorous standards for content and student support because it is independent training in trading ongoing success that comes first. Client Satisfaction: As testament to the quality and outcomes of the courses we offer, our students have continually rated them highly because we deliver on what we say.

You deserve to be consistently profitable — so why settle for anything less? When you're serious about your success in the stock market, there can be no compromise.

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Remember, this is your financial future we're talking about, so why would you settle for anything less than being able to learn from Australia's most trusted and respected trading experts. In fact, we encourage you to do your research on other programs because we're very confident that nothing else comes even close to what we have to offer.

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