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What factors should you consider when buying a petrol station? Thinking of buying a petrol station?

Make sure you consider the following factors first: The fuel supplier. Most people who buy a petrol station enter into a franchise arrangement with United Petroleum, Caltex, Shell, 7-Eleven or another major provider.

Under a franchise arrangement, the tanks, pumps and lines are the responsibility of the parent company.

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If you choose this option, make sure you carefully consider the terms of the franchise agreement, particularly the lease, before you sign to make sure you're getting a fair deal. Given the number of petrol station franchises in Australia, it's important you find the one that is the best fit for you. Going independent. If you don't want to join with a major brand, you could consider buying an independent service station.

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While this means you don't have to answer to a major conglomerate, it also means you don't get the support with marketing, fuel shopping and setting up your service station that you could expect from a major brand.

Your experience.

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If you want to qualify for petrol station finance, you'll typically need to demonstrate previous experience successfully running a business in the same industry. If this is your first service station, it's much harder to get loan approval and the bank will likely review your funding arrangement yearly.

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Location, location, location. The location of a service station and the traffic that passes by it are crucial to your business's financial success.

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It's much easier to get financing to buy service stations on busy roads and highways than on quiet backstreets. The competition.

Buying a petrol station

While location is critical, service stations in prime locations will usually also have plenty of direct competition nearby. This can have a huge impact on profitability and is another factor banks may consider when assessing your application.

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Financial position. You'll also need to take a close look at the financial position of the petrol station to determine whether it represents a viable purchase and whether it will be profitable in the future.

Buying a petrol station: Considerations, costs & finance | Finder

How much will a petrol station cost? There are a number of costs associated with buying and running a petrol station in Australia.

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The size and location of the business as well as the nature of your investment will all influence these costs. You can choose to buy a leasehold petrol station, which means you only own the business, or a freehold petrol station, which requires you to purchase both the business and the land.

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You'll also need to arrange a site assessment report from your state's Environment Protection Authority, which can be a significant cost. Pump make money there are so many factors that can influence the price you should pay, it's important to have the business properly valued before you buy.

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You'll need to consider the following: Previous years' financial statements Physical assets petrol pumps, machinery, buildings, equipment, stock etc Other assets, for example, intellectual property or business goodwill Registration papers and permits Market conditions, including competition in the local area Sales reports and forecasts Business plan for future growth Employee skills, experience and pay rates Supplier details and arrangements While you may consider trying to calculate the value of a business yourself, this pump make money a task that's usually best left to an expert.

An accountant, a business advisor or a business broker can help you analyse both your own finances and the value of any business you're considering buying.

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They can also examine market trends to help you work out a fair value for the petrol station.