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Strategies for long- term options

These options may share the same strike, but the similarities stop there. You might expect the delta to be about 0.

  • LEAPS are longer-term options.
  • The forecast must predict 1 that the stock price will rise so the call increases in price and 2 that the stock price rise will occur before expiration.
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Because the stock price being used for the calculation is higher than the strike price, the option is technically in the money, so the delta is higher. The reasons can get complicated, but think of it this way: gamma measures how much the delta changes based on a small move in the stock. Because longer-term options are big-ticket items, a small move in the stock will likely have a negligible effect compared to a shorter-term option.

If gamma is fairly negligible in longer-term options, it makes sense that theta is also negligible.

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Theta measures the effect of time decay on the price of an option. The effect of volatility swings on an options premium is a killer.

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In fact, the further out in time you go, the greater your vega. Take weekly options.

  • By Lucas Downey Updated May 29, Traders often jump into trading options with little understanding of the options strategies that are available to them.
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The difference between a LEAPS option and an extremely short-term option like a weekly is almost tenfold. In a nutshell, if the implied volatility level changes by even just one percentage point, you could be looking at some fairly significant profit and loss swings.

Before we leap to the topic at hand, you can refer the following course to refresh your knowledge on the basics of options.

This is something you definitely need to address in order to successfully incorporate LEAPS into your trading arsenal. In fact, you can get pretty far in an options education curriculum and never hear anyone mention rho. There are two reasons for this.

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Because of the lengthy period until expiration, changes in interest rates matter. Think of it like a bank loan. Infor example, there has been much uncertainty in the interest rate market, as a rate-tightening cycle shifted to a rate-cutting cycle in a short period, with a fair bit of volatility in and around it.

LEAPS® and Bounds: An Introduction to Long-Term Options

For longer-dated options, when the interest rate outlook is uncertain, rho can become a major risk factor. This is a common stock-trading strategy that can potentially lower the effective cost of a stock or provide potential cash flow from a stagnant stock.

But remember that when the market falls, volatility typically rises.

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Plus, in a low interest rate environment, a possible spike strategies for long- term options interest rates could provide an additional jolt to your LEAPS call option. So, who knows?

It can wipe out your entire portfolio in a matter of days when it's used foolishly. Used wisely, however, it can be a powerful tool that allows you to leverage your investment returns without borrowing money on margin. LEAPS are long-term exchange-traded options with an expiration period of up to three years. You're convinced that XYZ will be substantially higher within a year or two, so you want to invest your money in the stock. You have three options.

You might find that rho could become an unexpected friend. So, yes, you can potentially lose the full investment, just as you can with short-term options.

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But for options traders with smaller accounts who want to trade a few different securities without fear of rapid decay, LEAPS might make sense.