Digital Passports to Material Worlds

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Gideon Burton One good renaissance deserves another.

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Our present day feels like a storm of constant novelty, but we are actually repeating a parallel period of rapid societal change. That prior period of amazing change and cultural development known as the European Renaissance is a lens on our own day. That is the pretext for this book.

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Collected here are 14 essays on contemporary issues in digital culture, each viewed through the historical lens of the Renaissance period and its literature. Threading through all of these are six themes from the historical Renaissance that we believe inform our present one.

These have been our historical lenses upon our digital present: Back to the Sources One of the regenerative forces of the European Renaissance was the rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman texts by humanist scholars like Woodes cc indicator for binary options.

The old became new.

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The internet has exhumed the past en masse, giving billions access to the accumulated ideas and artifacts of the centuries. And as in the Renaissance, this delightful and daunting deluge of content has done more than produced more things to read and discuss; it is spurring us to return with new eyes and an experimental spirit to the material world.

Table of Contents

Brave New worlds Renaissance voyages of discovery traversed the world. Explorers found new continents, new resources, new dangers and new promises of riches and renewal. In similar fashion we cybernavigate our way to new kinds of works, ideas, and platforms that are as full of promise and threat as any wild island uncovered by a Columbus or Cortez.

Today we are awash in a wilderness of new things — new devices and access to media; new fields of action and domains of thought; new modes of human cooperation; even new modes of criminal activity.

Digital Passports to Material Worlds

We are on par with those Renaissance-era explorers who sailed oceans and breached the brave new worlds that brought Europe both potatoes and syphilis; spices and slaves; colonies and woodes cc indicator for binary options.

Figuring centrally among our brave new worlds are those social environments that appear to be an extension of the familiar, but which confound our morality and upset customary ways.

It is extremely detailed and revealing, but remains unfatiguing, even after many hours of listening. These monitor speakers are convincing from A to Z. It even works with your own loops, allowing you to perform and manipulate them in real time.

What a Piece of Work is Man Our new media require us to rethink who we are — partly because willingly or not we have front row seats on other humans and their activities as never before. And we are increasingly convinced that our tools give us personal agency on a level unimagined before.

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The Renaissance was a period of similar self-revelation and also self-fashioning, full of posturing and progress in a more full display of human character s and what we are capable of. We are dazzled by our new views of who we are, alternately inspired and aghast at what we see and do online. We see in it a model for radical reform.

As Luther stood up to the monolithic institution of Catholic Christianity, so today we see disruptive innovation, a ratification of the radical, similarly fueled by a democratic ideology.

Anyone is an everyman, and everyone is their audience.

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Our digital age is not experiencing a religious reformation, but the Protestant Reformation offers to today a potent pattern: the idea of access.

There is an egalitarian impulse that underlies the world wide web, a sense of entitlement regarding rights to participate, to seek and to say as one will.

This right of engagement invites us toward collaboration, but it also warrants constant questioning of the powers that be.

Just as print upset the Renaissance, forever reconfiguring the way the Western world thought, bought, and acted in society, so the internet and world wide web have begun a comparable radical reformatting of culture.

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It is an accelerant for change — especially on the social plane. Sprezzatura and the Renaissance Man A Renaissance courtly ideal confirmed the idea of a social self projected to others.

With social media come profiles and self-presentation, much in the way of posing. Ideals of behavior and performance circulate widely, and we are made aware of the accomplishments and experiences of others. The idea of a Renaissance man, a courtier well prepared and experienced, is being revived, in fact, if not in name, as we perform for others constantly in a fashion show of presenting our diverse, interesting selves.

Much is at risk as we redefine who we are while traveling together to brave new worlds.

The European Renaissance took centuries to sort itself out and to leave to us its legacy. Perhaps the eRenaissance can be more smoothly navigated with the benefit of hindsight. After all, one good renaissance deserves another. About the Editor Gideon Burton Dr.

Gideon Burton is Asst. Professor of English at Brigham Young Unviversity where he researches and teaches issues in digital additional income and the rhetoric of online communication.

Introduction: Literary Past, Digital Present

A recent surge of how-to videos and DIY communities are enabling people to access resources and knowledge made available online, allowing their digital aspirations to become extra income money realities. Knowledge and skills that might have been lost in obscurity years ago are revivied and shared with a mouse click; virtual realities take physical, tangible shape; online chat rooms lead to lifelong friendships.

Commonly considered socially disengaging or detrimental to skill development, the internet is instead being used to physically experience what people have only ever seen online, and to allow for engagement in social and creative pursuits which were previously inaccessible. For those who lack the resources to physically do things themselves, they now find they are able to experience the authentic through proxy.

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In the following section we discuss the recent revival of traditions of the metallurgical arts, the spread of human survivalism, and the discovery of new worlds via digital tools.