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Trader dealing center

Dealing Desk Definition

Analyst "We are the client's entry point to BBVA" Our mission consists in offering clients the product that is best adapted to their needs, always aiming to benefit them and informing them of the risks associated with each transaction.

We are organized according to the different client segments we attend: corporates, investors, institutional and the BBVA networks themselves. The product catalog covers all the underlying securities equity, fixed income and currencies and the different levels of complexity.

Since the forex market is open around-the-clock, many institutions have dealing desks around the world.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the markets and of the different financial products and operational processes and applications for preparing the information clients require.

Beatriz Zabala "We set the price for the transactions" Through the different tools and applications, we set prices consistent with the market conditions at any given time. We also manage the risks derived from the transactions due to market movements: exchange rate rises and falls, interest rates, or the price of shares themselves.

Welcome to our trading room! - Crédit Agricole CIB

The management of these risks gives rise to the result we call "leveraging. We have an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and of the systems of market flows and activity.

Welcome to the trading floor

We take into account the financial and accounting perspectives, always in line with legal, regulatory and risk requirements. In this way, the sales team has a greater variety of innovative solutions. We have sound technical and financial knowledge, from the simplest products to the most complex and exotic derivatives, as well as knowledge of risks.

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This makes us a key link in the digital transformation of the markets area. We have extensive knowledge of financial mathematics and valuation theory, programming languages, data analysis and project management, all combined with a profound understanding of market activity and processes.

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And as part of our work, in coordination with the sales team, we participate in commercial activity with clients, to present them our investment ideas. We have a profound knowledge of the different markets and sectors; we handle tools and quantitative company valuation techniques.

It's also important to know how to manage information sources such as Bloomberg, Reuters or other databases specific to each industry.

What is forex trading?

Silvia Rigol The trader dealing center product factory The professionals who work on the trading floor specialize in different underlying securities, meaning financial assets shares, bonds, currencies, interest rates, etc. Each of the subsequent underlying securities will have experts in sales, trading, structuring and quants and business solutions specialized in them.

These specialists are located at desks and grouped together by profiles. Thus the floor is made up of: Equity.


The purchase and sale of shares. The purchase and sale of bonds, one of the products included in fixed income. Interest rates. Also included in fixed income.

Trading room

Foreign Exchange or FX. The purchase or sale of currencies.

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All these underlying securities are negotiated in their simplest form and in the form of derivatives based on them. Another important role in the product factory is that of the analyst who, though not physically on the floor, provides analysis of market intelligence, which is essential for the rest of the team to be able to carry out the work successfully.

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All the transactions that are carried out on the trading floor comply rigorously with current law and regulations in trader dealing center different capital binary options easy money at any given time.

The boost given by the legislators and supervisory authorities through regulations such as MiFID II within the framework of the Capital Markets Union is strongly aimed at promoting transparency and providing more and better and information to clients.

This includes a clear communication to clients on prices, terms and the roles of those involved in each transaction; and also, the obligation to execute the orders in the most favorable terms for the client.

Global Markets at your fingertips

In addition, there are smaller floors with structuring and sales teams in other European cities —Milan, Paris and Trader dealing center and in Asia. Trader dealing center some cases, for products such as currencies, whose market operates 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week, clients may trade during this entire time; at the close of the European market, the trading book of positions is transferred New York and Latin America.

When those markets close, it moves to Asia and returns to Madrid when the European frontrunner trading opens again. The first meeting of the day is the morning meeting, an exchange of news between the trading, sales, structuring and analysis teams.

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Until a few years ago it was held every day, but with the introduction of new communication channels that favor the continuous flow of information, they tend to be held less frequently: once every two days or once a week, depending on the business needs.

At this meeting, the analysts present the conclusions of their reports on the behavior of the financial markets in general, and specific underlying securities in particular; next the sales team explain the interest shown by the clients and the type of transactions they demand; the traders are those who are in direct contact with the markets, and thus explain the purchase and sale movements that they see in the different underlying securities in which they specialize.

Dealing Desk

From the time the European market opens at 9 a. However, there are three peaks of activity: the opening of the European market, the opening of the U. There are always specialists at the desks, which are never unmanned. If one has to attend a meeting, instructions are left to the rest of the team on the possible transactions that have to be executed; the same is true at lunchtime, when the members of the desks take turns leaving their posts.