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Which option trading strategy is safe

Options are often seen as a leverage tool, often viewed through the lens of fear and bewilderment. People ARE. As mentioned, the primary idea behind options lies in the strategic use of leverage. If done systematically, options trading can be safer than purchasing stocks directly. Why so? This is the max amount that one can lose in this scenario. Is Selling Option a superior strategy vs.

which option trading strategy is safe

Buying Option? I believe that options buying and selling are both relevant options strategies. You just need to know your investment goal and the context in which you are executing these option strategies. Are you going directional? Do you have a lower risk which option trading strategy is safe Safe Option Strategies 1: Covered Call The covered call strategy is one of the safest option strategies that you can execute.

In theory, this strategy requires an investor to purchase actual shares of a company at least shares while concurrently selling a call option.

which option trading strategy is safe

I can look to repeat the same process by selling another call option on PM and continue to generate income from this strategy. Pretty decent I would say. If you are already comfortable owning shares of a particular counter, the covered call strategy adds ZERO downside risk to your holdings. It will help to reduce your overall investment cost. What type of shares is suitable for covered call strategies?

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In my opinion, such a strategy is quite useful for dividend-paying stocks such as PM. One, since you own the physical shares of PM, you will be entitled to the dividends paid by the counter.

More on that later. In general, if you have the intention of holding shares of a company long-term while continue to earn dividend income, a covered call strategy might just be the ideal safe options strategy to turbo-charge your income potential. Some might also say that such a strategy turns a non-dividend-paying stock into one. Professional traders often use covered calls to improve the earnings from their investment.

By Lucas Downey Updated May 29, Traders often jump into trading options with little understanding of the options strategies that are available to them.

Hence, an investor might wish to sell a call option on his long-term shareholdings when volatility is elevated. Ideally, this is done with a short date-to-expiration DTE since time value decay is the fastest in the last months of an option contract horizon.

This might be a significant commitment and you will still be substantially exposed to a substantial fall in the underlying share price.

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The primary idea behind this strategy is that as expiration dates get closer, time decay accelerates. The accelerating time-value decay for the short-DTE option contract benefits me in this instance. I will be left with an outstanding long call option with approx. I can then structure another diagonal spread by selling a short-DTE call option again another 30 days and generate another round of premium which will look to further reduce my cost.

What type of shares is suitable for buying diagonal spreads? The PMCC is a cheaper alternative compared to the covered call strategy, the latter requiring the ownership of at least shares in a counter. Instead, buying a Deep ITM call option achieves a similar effect of owning physical shares of the stock but yet at a much cheaper cost. Since a PMCC structure is not entitled to any dividends holding a long call option does not entitle you to dividendsthere is no added incentive of owning the stock outright for a non-dividend-paying counter.

Lastly, my personal stock preference for diagonal spreads are selecting stable counters without significant price fluctuation, ideally counters with Beta less than 1.

List of the Best Options Strategies for Income with Examples

This will avoid the situation of pre-maturely selling, something which I will cover in the next segment. Still a decent profit over a short duration but now you will not be able to partake in further upside in the price of FB unless you roll the short leg, which will be an article for another day.

Similar to the covered call strategy, you will still be making losses if the price of FB drops substantially.

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However, the maximum loss is capped at the net premium which you pay for the diagonal spread. This is significantly lower compared to owning shares of the underlying shares which might head to ZERO, no matter how unlikely that scenario might be. This is not something that a new option trader should be engaging in. You go long an option and short an option with different strikes.

Covered call

However, the expiration period is the same. That is the key difference between a vertical as well as a diagonal spread. Types of verticals — Which option trading strategy is safe vs. Credit A vertical can be a debit strategy one in which you pay a premium or a credit strategy one in which you receive a premium. A call debit spread or a bull call spread is one that you pay for the spread. How this is structured is generally purchasing a long call with a strike price that is lower than the strike price of the call you sold.

However, again, you have a defined maximum risk. What is the difference between buying and selling a vertical? When we buy a vertical, we pay a premium while selling a vertical will result in us receiving a premium.

which option trading strategy is safe

If that is the case, why should anyone be wishing to pay for a vertical debit strategy instead of selling a vertical credit strategy when the latter strategy results in generating cash straight into our pocket? The key reason is because of the difference in risk: reward potential. How much more? That will be a topic for another day. Why will anyone do that? Again, this is something that proponents of option selling will highlight time and again much higher probability to WIN even though the profit potential is much lower than the at-risk amount.

Verticals vs.

Safe Option Strategies – Better Education Leads to Better Trades

First, when you buy a vertical, you reduce your capital outlay vs. This is also your max loss. Second, the key risk associated with selling a 1 leg or naked option is that your losses can be very substantial. That is an analogy that I which option trading strategy is safe use. Proper structure of a vertical makes it a safe option strategy Whether you are buying or selling a vertical, your profit and losses are defined.

You know right from the start your max potential profit and loss. Knowing that fact makes the vertical strategy a safe options strategy suitable for a beginner options trader to execute.

While I am not overly concerned about the risk associated with buying verticals, a well-defined strategy is needed when it comes to selling verticals. This is because of its lower reward to risk ratio. While one might argue that it has a higher probability of profit vs. The covered call strategy is an ideal method to put your dividend-generating stocks on steroids. However, do note that one will need at least shares of the underlying stock to execute a covered call strategy.

Buying diagonal spreads is a cheaper alternative binary options when is the best time to trade. When it comes to selling verticals, one should engage a proper trade mechanism to increase your long-term chances of success when it comes to deploying such a strategy to generate a consistent and steady flow of income every month.

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