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With deadlines approaching in January high school and February elementary and middle magnet schoolsmagnet option need to decide soon whether to enter the magnet lottery. Magnet option are Magnet schools? The Wichita district is unique in our region in offering what are known as magnet schools. In Wichita, we offer 1 magnet high school 9thth ; 4 middle schools 6th-8th ; 2 Kindergarten through 8th grade schools; and 16 elementary schools K What makes Magnet schools a good fit?

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There are many reasons a magnet school might be a good fit for your young learners. If your student is showing a keen interest in subjects such as math, science, technology, art, communication, leadership, or performing arts, one of our magnets in the themes of Arts, Communication, Leadership or STEM might nurture that interest.

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For example, we have a school that celebrates the great outdoors in every aspect magnet option education at Earhart Environmental Magnet Elementary. If your student thrives in an environment that maintains high academic and behavioral standards with a very structured learning environment focused on excelling in the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, one of our four traditional magnet elementary schools or the traditional magnet middle school may be the best fit.

A Permanent Magnet That Turns On and Off

These four elementary schools have geographic boundaries that identify which of the four your student should apply to. If you are interested in raising a bilingual student fluent in English and Spanish, then Horace Mann Dual Language Magnet might be the perfect fit.

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Here students spend half of their time learning in English and half learning in Spanish, regardless of their native language. What other considerations should be made when selecting a school? You can find more about all of our magnet schools on our website. If early mornings are a challenge for you or your student, magnet schools may not be the best option.

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Most of our middle and high school magnet schools have an early start time of 7 a. The two K-8 magnet schools start at 8 a.

If your child thrives in a self-directed, online environment, our Education Imagine Academy virtual school may be a better fit than a magnet or traditional neighborhood school.

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To learn more about the variety of school choices and opportunities available at all grade levels, you can visit www. What are my next steps?

Themes & Schools

From p. Visit www. Complete an application for your magnet school s of choice by the appropriate deadline.

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For all elementary and middle magnets, the deadline is February 19, Families can select up to 3 magnet schools to apply to based on first, second and third preference. All applications completed on time will be entered into a selection lottery. Decision notifications occur in February for high school and in March for elementary and middle schools.

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This notification will tell you whether your student was selected for the school or placed on the waiting list. If selected, you will have the option to accept that placement or decline it. The leadership in Wichita Public Schools continues to be proud of the creative and innovative instruction that is happening in our district every day.

In this role, she helps prospective parents, business leaders, realtors and more understand the complicated world of public schools so magnet option can make informed choices for their students. She is a Wichita boomerang, having attended college in Milwaukee and working in Washington, D.