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Rich Birds - earn money on your eggs!

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How to sign up for Rich Birds: create an account Rich birds earn on your own. How to sign up for Long internet earnings Birds: create an account The question of making money online is of interest to many, and it is no secret that most are looking for easy ways that do not require special skills.

One of such methods is offered by the financial game Rich Birds. According to information on the Internet, several thousand users register in the game every day, play, earn game currency, and at a certain point ask themselves the question of how to withdraw money from Rich Birds.

Product details

Gameplay Let's start with the fact that Rich Birds is primarily a browser game. The gameplay is kept to a minimum of movement, obviously, so as not to distract users from the profit. However, the inquisitive mind of experienced computer gamers can try to find profitable tactics here.

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It does not take a lot of intelligence to think that the more profitable the birds are, the more expensive they are. Starting with the first, green, payback in hours, ending with the red one, which fights back in hours.


So there is no point in buying cheap birds? On the contrary, purchased birds bring income immediately, and save and save up for expensive birds. Whether it is worth buying birds for real money - everyone decides for himself, one should only remember that the system encourages and is very tangible for the contribution to the game.

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Otherwise, the whole gameplay boils down to visiting the site once an hour, a day, a month underline the necessarypick up eggs, exchange them for silver and buy all available birds, starting with the most lurkmore binary option ones. After accumulating a tangible amount, you making money on birds already think about methods of how to withdraw money from Rich Birds to your wallets, of which there are as many as 5 available in the game for different tastes and colors, and only Payeer is available for emergency payments.

Bonuses Not everything is as boring as it seems, the game contains additional content that allows you to try your luck with the help of simple gambling and, if you win, increase the balance making money on birds the game currency or points for withdrawal.

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Daily bonuses offer benefits for systematic site visits, there is a lottery every week and a options is referral system. These are the same users as you, but registered in the game using your link. Some actions, especially those related to the introduction of real money into the game, can bring you profit in the form of points.

How to play Money Birds and how much can you earn? Rules of the game.

Profit withdrawal It is clear that those who have invested money will get a profit faster, but there is one way how to withdraw money from Rich Birds without replenishing the balance. To do this, you need at least 1 active referral, that is, a person who is registered using your link or your referral's link up to level 5 and who has contributed 30 rubles to the account.

You can copy the link for those who wish to the menu "Your referrals". So, having got an active referral, you can think about the withdrawal, but there are also certain restrictions here. In addition to the actual game currency, special Cash Points are required for withdrawal.

These are the points that determine the amount of possible payments, regardless of the accumulated silver.

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You can pick up a bunch of eggs, change them and sit with a huge balance without the possibility of hatching. Getting points for withdrawal As soon as you opened the possibility of withdrawing money by investing your hard-earned money or using the method of how to withdraw money fromRich birds without investment, described above, the essence of the game is to accumulateCash Points - points for withdrawal.

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Collecting silver is not canceled, but this game component fades into the background, since it is already performed purely mechanically. But collecting points is possible only in a few cases: Purchase of points on the exchange, access to which opens when the account is replenished with rubles. Some gambling games such as thimbles, coin flip and lottery allow you to win points.

The profit, of course, is dubious, the principle of a casino that does not lose has not been canceled. All the same referrals, from the amount of replenishment of which some part is returned to making money on birds as points. Actually, that's all, if you want money without investment - look for referrals. Don't forget about the risks associated with any investment, especially in online gaming.

You and only you are responsible for any actions with your money. How much silver does Rich Birds give for 1 ruble? What is a promo code for the Rich Birds game and where can I get it?

Special offers and product promotions

How to calculate the possible profit on your eggs using the Rich Birds calculator? The Internet is a space of unlimited possibilities for enterprising and energetic people. Some make money on binary options and futures, others - on birds and eggs And if for the first option you need start-up capital and initial training, then for the second nothing is required except your desire.

This is, as you probably already guessed, about the game RichBirds - "Rich Birds". With you Denis Kuderin - financial expert of the magazine "HeatherBober". I will tell, how to make money on your eggs, how to withdraw money from the gaming account, and why it is beneficial for each user to attract as many referrals to the project.

Rich Birds - we buy birds and sell eggs for real money The game "" was created for people who want to combine a pleasant pastime with earnings. This project - old-timer among the numerous series of "bird" games Rich Birds was launched in and is still one of the industry leaders. Available to everyone. Even the presence of start-up capital is not a prerequisite.

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Although it is better, of course, to introduce the minimum funds into the game - at least rubles, otherwise there will be difficulties with the withdrawal. The rules are simple and straightforward: the player buys birds that lay eggs; eggs accumulate in the warehouse; the player sells eggs for silver - the local currency; silver is exchanged for real money and the profit is withdrawn to electronic wallets.

Local currency rate silver - 1 ruble Despite the simple rules, many beginners, after trading eggs for a week or two, begin to doubt the prospects of their activities.

Start A Backyard Bird Business

But the secret is that Rich Birds is long-term investment project Relying on quick profits is a mistake here. See a small visual aid for the game. There are many ways increase your earnings in this game And there are no fewer options to lose not only bonus capital, but also your own investments.

Example The site has an internal " game Zone"- for entertainment and additional income. There, gamers spin roulette and play other games for silver. Hobbyists and gamblers can quickly lose their funds by making a few unsuccessful bets.

My advice - do not get too carried away with slots and roulettes. Instead, focus on buying birds, attracting referrals and promoting your account - this is a longer, but reliable path to success. A question that newbies often ask is - where does the money come from in the game? The answer is simple - it is the funds of other users. Any economic game of this kind is built on the principle financial pyramid This does not mean that investment income is impossible.

It only means that the project will exist as long as while new members join it.

There's a new way to make money

Projects that have payment points are considered more reliable - Cash Points There are withdrawal restrictions in cash point games. The presence of this option, according to the organizers, favors guarantee of the long-term project.

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However, there is always a risk that sooner or making money on birds the game will cease to exist. Only the Egyptian pyramids are eternal, and financial have a limited life. As soon as new funds cease to enter the game, the reserve account will gradually dry out.

Review of the economic game Money Birds.

And the creators will just shut down the game to tackle other projects. How to protect your capital? Withdraw money from the game more often. You should not accumulate funds on the deposit in order to withdraw a solid jackpot at once.

Better to cash out silver in small lotsso as not to attract unnecessary attention from the administration. No money project likes successful players - this is a universal rule for any withdrawal game.

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Game statistics table for April 2. What are the ways to make money in the game Rich Birds - 7 proven ways The gamer has several ways to make money. The main one is selling eggs for silver and exchange of game currency for real money.

As I said, you won't be able to withdraw funds from the game if you do not transfer to a deposit minimum amount Enough for a start 30 rubles.

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After that, start the activity of the owner of the virtual chicken farm. To increase, take advantage of all the opportunities that the project offers. Method 1.