There Is No Alternative to Equities. (At Least Until the Facts Change.)

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Put simply, TINA says that investors will buy equities because all other investment opportunities are worse. Over the past few months, TINA has powered a strong recovery of global equity markets. Central bank easing in response to the pandemic-induced recession pushed government and corporate bond yields to historic lows.

It was first coined in the 19th century, and later used as part of neoliberal ideology in the late 20th century. The phrase is used to explain the existence of sub-optimal decisions. The "TINA effect" can be seen in tina trading experiencing asset price bubbles when, despite tina trading, markets keep rising only because there is no alternative to put investment dollars to work elsewhere.

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To critics of capitalism, free markets, and democracy, he frequently responded, "There is no alternative. On the positive side, believing that there is no alternative to some course of action rallies support around the chosen path.

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On the other hand, such a belief may cause one to lose hope. Alternatives to this approach abounded, from the policies advocated by Labour to those in place in the Soviet Union.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, American political scientist Francis Fukuyama argued that this view had been permanently vindicated.

I just finished giving a presentation on the economy and markets to a tina trading of business executives. While most of the presentation was spent talking about the lackluster fundamental backdrop for the markets, I told them that the reason the stock market was making new highs seemingly every day was because of the TINA trade. The discussion of the TINA trade generated, by far, the most response and excitement from the crowd. We provide the succinct analysis that allows advisors to 1 Save an hour of research time each day 2 Increase their knowledge 3 Have the talking points to impress prospects and reassure current clients. And we do this all for a monthly cost of less than one client lunch.

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