How to Make Money as an Artist in 2020 (Advice That Works)

How to make money if you draw well. How to Make Money Drawing for Fun

Determining how to make money as an artist for a living can be difficult.

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If you are an artist who succeeded to turn your favorite occupation into a paid job, you are one of the few who made their dream come true! Learning how to make money as an artist is definitely is possible, but it includes a lot of hard work and a long-term strategy. There are specific reasons that only a few people every learn how to make money as an artist doing what they most like.

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Where to start when learning how to make money as an artist Learn the basics of running a business as an artist The reason many creative people never master how to make money as an artist is because they spend thousands of hours, late nights, weekends honing their artistic talent.

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But they spend very little time learning about what it takes to actually make money as an artist. And there are lots more.

I mean, well worth it to get a better understanding of what it takes to make money as an artist. You can be a passionate illustrator or painter who works as a graphic designer, or an architect who takes gorgeous photos. For instance, you may find out that you can make more money teaching others the secrets of Adobe Illustrator rather than selling your own illustrations.

Choose your niche or invent a new one There are no limits on how to make money online nowadays, but 1 thing is necessary: you must find those who intend to buy what you offer.

There are 2 options you can follow, each with their pros and cons, both requiring hard work and patience: 1.

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You sell something people are buying already. The disadvantage of an already established market is a huge competition, which requires much harder work, exquisite quality and a lot of promotion.

You find a very specialized niche or you create something new and innovative. Network for clients Every person you meet can be a potential buyer or someone who can refer you to others. Art is an interesting subject and many people would be excited to discuss with a painter, photographer or jewelry designer. Be imaginative and innovative, using postcards or photos for instance, instead of a classic business card. Using your creativity is one of the best ways on how to make money as an artist.

A successful tip I used to advertise my blog, how to make money if you draw well to print some simple, but well-designed bookmarks with just its url on them. I gave them as a small gift to those who wanted to visit my blog — almost everybody I met! Social media are the perfect spots to promote your work online and attract clients.

Artists have an advantage compared to other professionals, by being able to see what their competitors are charging.

However, the art market is much more complicated compared to other industries.

How to Start Earning Money as an Artist

Poor Van Gogh was not such a good marketer as Picasso or Dali. This is a secret in art marketing — most people buy the artist and not the artwork.

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In case you choose to sell your photos and illustrations to blogs and stock marketsprices are more fixed. You usually start low and the more in demand your items are, your rates go up. Tips on making money as an artist Be unique or amazing Creating amazing pieces of art is not all it takes to make real money as an artist. Supposing that you want to stand out, you have to develop your own style and this takes time and practice.

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But this is something you should do anyway — honing your skills and improving every single day is essential to stay competitive. Develop the right mindset Where most creatives fail is commitment and patience.

Truth is, while some artists might struggle to make ends meet, others make a good living by selling their work, and supplementing their income.

They tend to get easily disappointed and quit their plans and dreams, especially if they feel rejected. As an artist, you are more sensitive and vulnerable in criticism than other professionals, because through your work you express your feelings and reveal your inner self.

Therefore, you must develop a thick skin and be able to distinguish constructive feedback from negative and poisonous criticism. Be disciplined, organized and mindful of your expenses There is a common misconception: If you create great art, you can simply sit back and watch the money roll in. Running your own creative business is amazing for the freedom it gives you. All common characteristics among artists! If you lack discipline and commitment, not having a boss forcing you to meet deadlines can easily cause you to slip into laziness and become unproductive.

Branding and presentation A picture is worth a thousand words and in your case, this quote is crucial. Since you create something to be seen, you are determined to get exposed.

Take internships

You definitely need a place to present your art pieces. Exposure is the first step of promotion — and always make sure you do it professionally! First impressions are crucial, especially in the art industry — you want to impress your visitors, not only with your art itself but with an amazing presentation. Your portfolio must be up to date and have a decent and cohesive look and feel.

Get Paid To Write and Draw Online: 30 Greeting Card Sites That Actually Pay

Use only high-quality photos or graphics, choose the right color palette and typography, and use mock-ups of any kind to present your art professionally. Check out sites like Canva that can help you create quick and custom graphics for your social. Retailers are using this tactic successfully with their shop windows. If you feel isolated, how to make money if you draw well media groups are great places to connect with the creatives community, find support, learn tips and have access to useful resources.

Making money as an artist online For those unfamiliar with running an online business, the internet seems like a magical space where everything can happen quickly and easily. You read posts and listen to podcasts presenting successful artists and creatives who made a fortune selling their creations online.

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Nothing could be further from the truth! If your expectations are unrealistic, you may easily get discouraged as soon as you realize there are countless artists out there, some of them extremely gifted, trying to sell their work.

Your initial enthusiasm may turn into despair and the odds to make it are below zero. Setting up your portfolio website online and waiting for clients to find you without marketing and promoting is like choosing to open your gallery in the darkest street of an abandoned neighborhood, where only those who lost their way will pass by. Selling your artwork 1. Sell your original pieces You can sell your paintings, sculptures or decorative items and jewelry through your website or e-shop.

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Some of those platforms offer you the chance to have your art featured, which is a great promotion. Sell your prints There are online marketplaces offering artists a place to sell their art with print-on-demand. License your art for stock websites As a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer or videographer you can license your artwork for stock websites as a way to make passive income for artists.

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Private commissions Be commissioned directly by individuals or companies to create a creative work from scratch. As a painter or illustrator you can even get paid for street art and interior or exterior mural painting and design.

How to Make Money Drawing For Fun

Teaching and consulting If you already have experience, you can help other aspiring artists to follow their dreams. There are several ways to teach, educate and consult people online. Create your own blog Creating your own blog is one of the best marketing strategies to attract clients today. For me, this was the most successful decision in my career.

A blog that gets a lot of traffic can become a profitable business this requires hard work and dedicationthrough ads, affiliate links and sponsors.

Coaching and mentoring Many creatives and artists are sharing their experience through coaching and mentoring. Consulting and art direction Being more visually educated and informed about arts and design trends, you can advise individuals and companies on their creative process and artistic projects.

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Working for the art industry Work for online marketplaces or galleries You can get valuable experience with the behind-the-scenes work, offering services like curating, selling or promoting art.

Work for magazines and blogs Writing articles, taking photos and doing art direction for the press and blogs is a fascinating way, not only to make money as an artist, but also to make powerful connections and put your name in front of a broader audience. All you need is to be an active follower that means commenting to their posts or connecting through online groups. Most bloggers and website owners are likely to hire from their own audience of readers.

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My personal experience: Millo was one of the first blogs I subscribed almost 5 years ago when I knew nothing about blogging — 2 years later, having launched my own blog and website, I started writing for them! These websites and platforms will offer everything you need to start selling as soon as you upload your pieces, charging a commission or an initial fee.