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Why Customers Love SafeTouch Security Justin was extremely professional and courteous, giving us excellent customer service. We upgraded to wireless security and he was very patient as he explained how to add the app to our phones, and gave me a very well done personal training session on the details of the Safe Touch home page. Now ready to move on with further installation of cameras.

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I recommend Safe Touch to anyone considering security for their home or business. Would like to thank John B. He was very knowledgeable about how the system worked and answered any what can be stolen to make money all of the questions we had about what he had installed for us.

Also he took a lot of pride in what he was doing and did an outstanding job in doing. John Wesner We a problem with a motion detector faulting.

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  2. Enterprise Security Cybercriminals will go to great lengths to steal your data — but what do they actually do with your information once they get their hands on it?
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Placed a call to SafeTouch and they had a technician at our site the next morning. Joe replaced the sensor and verified the operation. Quick response and great service!

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American Valley Aviation, Inc. We upgraded our Safetouch Security system.

Thousands of commercial, government and political entities have cumulatively lost hundreds of millions of personal records to hackers. The targets have been and continue to be iconic public and private sector organizations in retail, finance, health care, sports, education, energy, agencies of the state and federal governments, our election system--your friends, family and neighbors. Tip of the iceberg, my friends. Meanwhile, data breaches continue at a torrid pace.

Thomas and Clay were our techs and they were both awesome! Thomas was the senior tech and was training Clay.

10 things Americans steal most

Thomas was very professional. He explained everything to me and my husband. Both Autopilot options and Clay were very personable and helpful.

what can be stolen to make money

Thomas was very knowledgeable about Safetouch and the equipment. It's why I love Safetouch. Their techs are more than techs. They are also customer service and help desk. Thank you Thomas and Clay!

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Denise C. We woke up Saturday morning to the blaring of the alarm on our smoke and heat sensor. I called customer service and the first thing they did was walk me through how to make the alarm stop sounding.

We were still at a point where we could not reset our alarm from the keypad which did concern me.

what can be stolen to make money

After sensing my concern, the customer service rep talked to her service manager and they dispatched an outstanding Technician to our house. He repaired the damage within 20 minutes and we were back to normal.

what can be stolen to make money

I am a raving fan of SafeTouch. Sandy Steinman Most excellent service! We had service upgraded in a commercial building and appointment was for 8 am and Tech arrived 15 minutes early. Tech was very professional and completed the upgrade in a timely manner.

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Tech also took the time to make sure we understood the alarm system, went through all features and made sure he answered any question we had. If we have any future service needs hope to see him again.

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Julie R. I have been a Safetouch customer for almost 10 years. Joe did a create a re-programming my system today.

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He is extremely knowledgeable about the products and technology. If Joe is your technician you are in great hands! Adam Chapman Thomas L. He was very kind and thorough.

what can be stolen to make money

He explained the procedure being done and gave options as to how I preferred the job to be done which exceeded my expectations. He was patient with me and made sure I knew how to work all aspects of the alarm system before leaving.

what can be stolen to make money

Jennifer T.