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Fortune magazine Newswire services and television broadcasters are also delivering investing information online.

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The Internet is not necessarily a passive medium. You can receive personalized updates about investments and have business and industry news sent to you automatically—weekly, daily, or several times a day depending on your interests and needs e.

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Through the Internet, you can find out what other investors are doing. Chats on investing and other financial topics are available through the eXtension personal finance community see www.

What is the IOT?

The Internet can aid the individual investor or investment club in the decision-making process. You can study stocks and mutual funds, read annual reports, and obtain stock quotes—available free through many sites.

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  • The Web can help do this cheaply, accurately, at any time of day and without consulting a stockbroker.
  • Where to invest on the internet September 30, A businessman who makes investments in the virtual world can become a successful entrepreneur in the real world.

The ease of the Internet can be a burden. Unless you resist the addictive nature of trading activity, you can find yourself trading simply because you can, rather than because you should. Investment discipline is an issue.

By Ryan Fuhrmann Updated Jun 25, The Internet has been one of the most revolutionary and disruptive technologies in history, creating a major paradigm shift. It has had a profound impact on the way that consumers listen to music, watch movies, buy and sell products, and communicate. It has also had a hugely beneficial impact on investing, especially for retail investors. Prior to the Internet, the retail investor's best bet was to head to the local library to read financial literature, and research companies and securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The other option was to contact a company directly for the latest financial report, which could prove costly in terms of postage for large financial reports, and could take some time, as the investor would have to wait until the report was printed and sent by the firm's investor relation department.

To avoid the pitfall of the easy trade, a sound financial strategy is more important than ever. News via the Internet reaches everyone very swiftly.

Research shows that among buyers of more volatile stocks, those who ignored the news earned more than twice as much as news junkies.

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Research in the Quarterly Journal of Economics published in compared investors who investing on the internet stock funds monthly and those who checked once a year. The monthly watchers concentrated on interim volatility and moved money into lower-earning bond funds, whereas the yearly group stuck with the stock fund and ended up with twice as much money.

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Remember, investing is a long-term proposition. Individuals should beware of investment professionals who are constantly selling and buying investments within a portfolio—churning to make money on commissions.

Final thoughts What is the IOT?

But when you are in charge of your own portfolio, you can also be susceptible to selling and buying too frequently. By forgetting your long term strategy, you, too, will be guilty of wasting quick money option on commissions—even if online commissions are low.

It has also exposed them to an unprecedented number of scams and rip-offs.

Some individual investors have reported increasing their trades from six a month to 60 a month. Investing Online: Choosing an Internet Brokerage Firm A number of brokerage services have started online trading services. Some are new companies established for Internet trading only, while others are the newest offering in service from some long-standing brokerage firms.

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The major issues in choosing an online broker are cost, access, service, and support. Features to look for are: Low commissions.