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    Solid Surfaces David PapazianGetty Images Made from a dense acrylic, polyester, or blend of the two, solid-surface countertops offer low maintenance and a wide variety of color and pattern choices.

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    Scratches and burns can be sanded out; deep gouges can be filled. Seams are fused together to create undetectable joints, which makes solid surface great for large or long sections of countertops and oversized island tops. You can also get solid-surface sinks in counter options option to match or contrast the countertop.

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    Corian Quartz, Formica Solid-Surfacing, and Silestone, are a few of the quartz composites now available. The main differences between engineered stone and traditional solid-surfacing materials are that engineered stone is much harder and has a depth, clarity and radiance not found in solid surfaces.

    Huge both in terms of cost and in their impact on the aesthetics and practical function of your kitchen. Top-end, premium kitchen countertop materials are a significant part of a kitchen remodeling budget. A well-chosen countertop makes your kitchen more useful and easier to maintain, and it can also serve as an important design element of your kitchen. The range of materials that can be used for kitchen countertops is amazingly diverse, and some materials on the list may be surprising to you.

    Pros: extremely durable, very low-maintenance, wide array of colors and patterns Cons: expensive Concrete Jacek KadajGetty Images Concrete counters, which closely resemble natural stone, continue to be popular for people interested in a truly custom countertop.

    You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. A variety of colors are achieved by adding pigments to the concrete during mixing.

    Once cured, the slabs are honed and sealed to prevent staining. Cracking is always a concern with concrete, and fabricators often use wire mesh, metal rebar, or fiberglass or stainless steel fibers to strengthen the counter.

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    Pros: scratch- and heat-resistant, available in virtually any color Cons: expensive, needs sealing Plastic Laminate AlphotographicGetty Images Plastic laminate—which is often referred to by its tradename, Formica—is a surprisingly durable material that can survive many years in the toughest kitchens, which is surprising when you consider that plastic laminate is made primarily of kraft paper impregnated with resins.

    It comes in literally hundreds of colors and patterns, and in various textures. However, only those with a matte or fine-matte finish should be used for countertops.

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    Never use a textured laminate for a kitchen counter; its raised ridges will start to show wear rather quickly. Only general-purpose laminate is suitable for countertops; vertical grade is for backsplashes, and cabinet doors and drawer faces. Plastic laminate comes in sheets ranging from 2x4 foot to 4x8 foot Longer and wider sheets can be special ordered.

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    Another plastic-laminate option is called post-formed counters. Available at certain lumberyards and home centers, ready-to-install post-formed laminate counters have the front edge, countertop surface and backsplash all fabricated and formed into one seamless slab. Pros: Most affordable material, lots of colors and patterns, surprisingly durable Cons: Can chip or scratch, not heat-resistant, low resale value Ceramic Tile Mint ImagesGetty Images The trend in kitchen counter options option for the past decade or so has shifted toward low-maintenance, seamless counters.

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    As a result, there are fewer countertops covered with ceramic or porcelain tile. Just be sure to use tiles rated for use on floors or countertops.

    Never use wall tile on a counter. Tile is often applied to a plywood substrate or directly over existing plastic laminate countertops.

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    Pros: Affordable, lots of choices, ceramic tile is non-porous Cons: Regular grout resealing needed Wood Andreas von EinsiedelGetty Images Wood countertops are a great choice for a work surface. In fact, according to a University of Wisconsin study in which microbiologists intentionally contaminated wooden cutting boards during testing, The study found that wood cutting boards are safer, bacteria-wise, than plastic ones.

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