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    With the Option Advisor newsletter, your 10 monthly trades come complete with in-depth market analysis and commentary. You'll stay up to date on every recommendation using our Sentiment Trading Tools.

    These tools help you dig deeper into each recommendation, as well as aid you with researching your own ideas.

    This product is specially designed for traders who trade in Options. Call and Put Strategy as well as Index options. Pop Options recommendations are provided during the market hours in Stocks and Index option with favorable risk reward ratios depending upon market conditions. We at DSIJ help to make intraday trading in options market easier for you.

    Keep up the good work and I'll keep counting the gains! If you currently trade stocks, you already know how to trade options which are listed securities for which you place the same kind of buy and sell orders as options advisor program do for stocks.

    If you can read, you can trade. What could be easier than that? Bernie has designed the newsletter as an ongoing educational vehicle, providing you with the most thorough understanding of successful option investing possible.

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    The biggest names in the business seek out market views of Bernie and his team of experts. Commentary, analysis, and specific option recommendations are the highlights of this monthly publication.

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