How Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome Make Money

Make money on the browser


    With customized feed and top news, you'll swipe through your favorite content quickly.

    make money on the browser

    Make money and get cash rewards! Fulldive web browser rewards you Coins, which you can spend on causes you support: feed children, plant trees, or save animals. Earn coins by browsing on Fulldive web browser!

    However, once convinced Chrome was born and, it is claimed, has become a very profitable part of the company. In addition to search royalties, Mozilla earns money from donations and from sponsored new tab tiles, which can be disabled.

    Fulldive is an all in one web browser. Enhanced with ad blocker, Fulldive Adblock and popup blocker blocks unwanted ads and trackers during browsing.

    make money on the browser

    Adblocker blocks annoying popups, banner ads, video ads and enables fast browsing. Fulldive is a privacy browser for private browsing, up to 8x faster compared to Chrome.

    Get rewarded for browsing and support your favorite content creators Why Brave Rewards Your attention is valuable. Earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads and pay it forward to support content creators you love. With your old browser, you paid to browse the web by viewing ads with your valuable attention. You spent your valuable time downloading invasive ad technology that transmitted your precious private data to advertisers — without your consent. Today, Brave welcomes you to the new Internet.

    Fulldive is a social web browser that lets you chat and comment on any web page. Chat, tag, and get notified on trending top news, right on the web browser URL.

    make money on the browser

    Spend it on good causes you support: feed children in poverty, plant trees or save animals and make the world a better place. You are always up to date on the latest news. With our ad blocker and popup blocker, your privacy browser is optimized with Fulldive as a fast private browser.

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    You'll still earn money if you turn off this feature. Our adblock will block unwanted ads and trackers - Privacy browser with incognito mode.

    Bookmark your favorite pages. Browse privately on Private Tabs.

    make money on the browser

    Manage your Downloads and History. Browse without interruptions with Reader Mode. Watch and play of curated video channels and web games. And of course, Fulldive Browser comes ready with Dark Mode.

    If there are token grants available, you will receive a notification. With just a click on their web browser, your followers, subscribers, readers can automatically make a one-time donation or set up a monthly schedule to anonymously support your website or channel. This way, you can focus on doing what you do best while getting paid directly for your content. As a content creator, you no longer have to rely on ad revenue.