Option (finance)

Underlying assets of options, Basics of Options

From now on, we will take equity options options on stocks as examples for learning how to trade options because they are the simplest options.

Underlying Asset What is an underlying asset? In derivatives trading, an underlying asset is the financial instrument represented by a derivativeand is what gives a derivative its value.

Regardless of the underlying asset, however, the mechanism of options is the same. I see.

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By the way, tell me a little about options markets in the world. Options are traded around the world, but the U.

Underlying Asset

How can I trade them? Now people can trade the options in America from all around the world.

  • Underlying Asset Definition
  • A derivative is a financial instrument with a price that is based on a different asset.

The internet has enabled us to online-trade options wherever we are. Some brokers provide a trading environment for mobile devices like iPhone, BlackBerry, etc. Viva la IT revolution!!

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Why is an option categorized as a "derivative"? When you trade options, you don't trade actual assets but you simply trade "rights" to buy or sell something.

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So options "derive" from certain things. Speaking of derivatives, I remember those hideous things that caused "Lehman Shock" in Options must be some sort of lousy stuff if they are in the same category!

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Those derivative products mixed with sub-prime underlying assets of options were indeed lousy, but they are just extreme examples of derivatives that completely neglect risks.

You should know that many financial derivatives are traded by individual traders in today's market. I didn't know derivatives were popular today. All you need is just an idea, and you can make as many derivatives as you want.

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The result is that there are literally all kinds of derivatives in the world. Some of them are very risky while others are easy to trade with relatively small risks.

So options aren't special, are they?

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Now that you understand what options are, let's learn how to trade them. In the next two lessons, we will learn Call and Put, the first step of trading options.

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