Ivy Bridge Power Consumption

Hypertrading affects energy consumption

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When a compute task is CPU-bound, it's usually CPU-bound because it's trying to do one particular thing, and multithreaded it's already using all of the execution units on the CPU capable of doing that one thing. For HT to be effective, the task has to require lots of different things to be done simultaneously.

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So the HT thread can successfully run an instruction on a part of the CPU which the main physical thread is not using. Very few real-world tasks are this eclectic in their workload.

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So if you're not doing the big three tasks I mentioned or playing one of the few games which benefit from HT, I wouldn't make HT a priority. I actually turn HT off most of the time hypertrading affects energy consumption my i7 laptop because I noticed it runs about C cooler and I get about min more battery life with it off, with hardly any noticeable difference in performance.

But most of the time I just run with it off.

APES Notes 6.2 - Global Energy Consumption

Other than a brief stutter now and then when I'm opening a new browser tab or switching programs, I don't notice a difference. HT is important for the former, not so much and may actually make things worse, though you can disable it for the latter.