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Hey dudes and dudettes, I'm an year-old kinda non-binary but mostly just confused male and I recently started shaving my legs and didn't want my parents to know. This is pretty excessively detailed, so I'd recommend reading over it a few times so you get a vibe for what to do and what not to do and then just do it whatever way you figure out to work for you.

If anyone has questions, or any other tips they wanna add or you just wanna point out a spelling mistakefeel free to leave a comment! If it's really personal feel free to DM me but don't DM me your dick or a request for pics, soz.

I used the thing I use on my face. A razor can be a men's razor, not only are they fine to use, many women prefer them because they apparently shave closer and smoother.

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But yeah don't fret [I used a men's Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide and would recommend it, don't get the higher tier ones unless you want a powered one cause they're the same handle in a different colour with option is simple blades included, but you can use any Fusion5 branded blade with any Fusion5 branded handle] EDIT: I have now used a base Fusion5 blade, and there's almost no difference really.

The ProGlide blades are a touch smoother and apparently the one up from that is better for your skin, but really, the cheapest one definitely gets the job done. I would recommend getting the ProGlide handle everything above that handle is the same in different colours until you get to powered razors. Moisturiser, or something VERY usable as moisturiser. Normal soap won't do the trick, this is a really important thing to get right as you'll end up with horrible red polka-dot torture victim legs if you fuck it up.


It can be a little weird feeling buying moisturiser as a teen male considering what we usually use it for, but hey. Stuff that you should really have but isn't essential: Shaving cream, or something usable as shaving cream. Not as important to get right as moisturiser, many women use body wash and conditioner and stuff like that.

I think the furthest you could go is something like shampoo, but conditioner would be better. You can use men's shaving cream but you'd need a lot compared to what you use on your face and you'll smell all male afterwards which is whatever.

There's a whole bunch of stuff, like exfoliating and stuff like that, which I completely didn't do, which worked for me but might not for you. I'm not an expert, don't get mad at me if I say something technically not perfect. I'm trying to give practical advice to help you peeps out.

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You obviously can't just run a razor over hair as long as men's leg hair gets and expect it to shave anything, so you're first going to have to trim it.

Girls will suggest you use scissors if your hair is too long, this is ridiculous advice, I think they just don't realise how god damn long men's leg hair is.

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Scissors work when you have neat little pricks, not options to make real money on a demo account you have a small rainforest. You're gonna want to use something powered, like a beard trimmer, or hair clippers, or a circular saw, or I actually used a trimmer bit thing which is part of the electric razor I use on my face, and although it's small, it did the trick.

You can work with what you have here. You're hopefully only going to need to do this bit once or twice, so don't worry too much about damaging the device.

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Depending on what you're using, you'll probably need to make sure your legs are sufficiently soaked with warm water first. I'm not quite sure if this is necessary at this point but I did it just in case, as the trimmer I used is pretty exposed, so it was cutting pretty close. If you're using something like a hair clipper with a guide on then you probably don't need to do this bit wet but it's better safe than sorry.

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The point of shaving wet is that it softens your hair slightly and opens your pores and some other things I forget, but if you shave real close while dry then you could get razor burn and similar ailments, which as I'll explain later are a pain in the butt especially if that's we're you're shaving gotem.

Now if you're using something as exposed as the trimmer I used then make sure you don't press too hard. The thing to remember is that electric shavers, and in fact even manual razors if used correctly, are fucking sharp, and they're going to cut whatever comes around, regardless of how much force you put into it.

You might need to go over the same bit a few times, but pressing harder isn't going to help you, instead it'll leave behind slightly inflamed red marks for days, which don't hurt that much but they're obviously not good, and can probably get infected or something.

You won't really feel when you give yourself one of these, and you'll only notice them come up a few minutes later, so just be careful. Once you're finished, I recommend moisturising just for good measure. Now, when you're done and you've dried off by patting your legs dry do not scrub them, pat them, this is how you will always dry your legs from now onthere will be a lot of hair to clean up.


Like so much fucking hair. There'll be hair on the floor and the walls and the shower screen and fucking everywhere. To clean up the bulk of it will take like ten minutes on its own, but if like me you're a bit paranoid and don't want your parents to find out, I would reviews about swiss guard binary options reviews it'd take like 30 minutes or more, so I'd make sure you have about an hour of time to clean up.

Also, something which I didn't consider until after doing it is that running a hot shower will leave condensation on the mirror and everything and make it obvious that you showered, so while it's not that conspicuous, you might wanna also have that hour buffer to let that all go away so that they don't pick up on the fact that you're having a shower whenever you're alone or in my case going against my normal schedule of having a shower at night.

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You can also wipe the bathroom airdrop earnings or whatevs with a towel if you're worried but make sure it's not a towel you mopped your hair up with like the one my idiot ass used.

Anyway, after you've trimmed, you'll probably read: definitely have missed a few spots. It's hard to see if you've missed a bit when you're dealing with so much hair and it's all reviews about swiss guard binary options reviews and sticking to your body. I would dry off and wait a day or so, checking your legs out for missed spots, then go again. Eventually you'll have prickly cactus legs but they're manageable, and it's a base that you can use a reviews about swiss guard binary options reviews with.

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If you have limited alone time and you don't have any discrete way of shaving e. You'll need any razor. Literally any.

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Men's, women's, manual, electric, whatever, it'll work great. I personally would recommend going for something not powered which therefore doesn't make noise, as you can then shave in your normal showers without outing yourself.

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Also as I mentioned before, many women prefer to use men's razors so don't worry. If you want, just use the thing you use on your face, cause that's the least suspicious thing to do. I actually went a bit cheeky and used my Mum's at first before quickly buying my own Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide men's razor so wasn't very intimidating to buywhich seems to do pretty darn well. Anyway so get in a warm shower.

You're meant to leave it for like 15 minutes to get an absolutely perfect shave, but you can get perfect over time, for now just make sure you're decently warm before you start shaving.

If you have it, you should put shaving cream on your legs now or conditioner apparently works pretty well too so that's actually what I used initially EDIT:, but I found that it wasn't quite enough and I still ended up with the red spots of doom, so maybe try something a bit better.

It doesn't matter too much seeing as though you're already wet and warm, but it'll make your razor's job easier and depending on what you use it'll make your job easier by showing you where you've already done.