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How to make a second money, 6 Money-Smart Ways to Spend Your Second Stimulus Check

What was your income in ?

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How many children did you claim as dependents in ? They are subject to change.

  1. We'll help you understand the money matters that'll affect you most.
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  3. Second stimulus check: Sorry, not everyone will qualify for the $ payment - CNET
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Check the IRS website for the latest information on stimulus payments. Smart Financial Decisions Made Simple Subscribe to the Forbes Advisor weekly newsletter for the latest on the next stimulus package and tips on managing financially during this time.

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Enter your email id You may opt out at any time. These payments are intended to help middle- and working-class Americans and so there are income limitations based on your tax filing status.

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Note: if you are single, widowed or divorced and claim a child as a dependent, you probably have been filing as a head of household. Which tax year is used to determine eligibility?

What the Most Profitable Companies Make Per Second

Will tax returns affect the payments? In some cases, yes.

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If based on your tax returns you would be entitled to a larger payment than calculated based on your returns, you will be eligible to receive the difference as a tax credit. But if the stimulus payment you are due is lower based on your income, you get to keep the higher payment that was sent to you based on your return. Do you need to do anything to get your second stimulus check?

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Paper checks will begin to be mailed on Wednesday, December Read more. Next Up In Personal Finance.

Here's what's happening now. PT Listen Will you get another stimulus check if one's approved?