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    Their FootPrint Charts showed this interaction between buyers and sellers and its influence and impact on price direction. The volume shows the total size but does not distinguish whether that volume came from buyers or sellers. By adding this missing piece of data, many futures traders found MarketDelta extremely useful since traditional charts do not tell you whether a price change was due to aggressive buying or selling. Also, for more advanced users, you could filter by trade size and other preferred settings such as color and shade only, without the actual numbers.

    Stacking Footprints together creates bars, similar to what any candlestick or bar chart would present. Lots of options and unparalleled levels of customization help provide the necessary edge to compete in today's markets.

    Playback or Market Replay With chart replay you can reinforce patterns deep into your memory so next time they occur profits are maximized and your trading potential recognized.

    market delta trading platform

    Identify, Practice, Learn, Succeed, Repeat. Dynamically update the start and end bars of a profile by dragging with the mouse Know exactly when volume is increasing or decreasing.

    market delta trading platform

    Be in tune as the auction unfolds throughout the day. Monitor volume at known reference points. Verify your entries and exits by "zooming" in on how the auction is developing at key levels and to make more informed decisions.

    Support MarketDelta Desktop MarketDelta Desktop is a Real-time market data and trading software for commodity, futures, equity, stock, index, forex, ETF and mutual funds traders, investors and other market participants. Including real-time quotes, charts, news, technical analysis, fundamental data, analysis, weather and electronic trading. The trading interface is streamlined with single click order entry and a built in volume and order flow chart called the Footprint chart to help keep you on top of the markets. The trading results on the demo accounts do not include commissions, exchange fees and N.

    This increases your confidence as a traders, and also helps time your trades much better. Is it likely to rotate reverse or breakthrough and trend in one direction?

    Where is the next most likely stopping point for price action? Know the answers to these questions early in the session; even many days in advance!

    market delta trading platform

    Trade with tools the pro's use. Traders typically look to sell above value and buy below value.

    market delta trading platform

    You can more clearly define the current market market delta trading platform and adapt your methods to suite the behavior of the market on a given day. Most importantly, you can identify price levels that could be very significant, and know these levels hours or days in advance of prices actually reaching them.

    market delta trading platform

    Knowing this alone helps keep traders from fading trends or buying breakouts that never have any follow through. Profile Indicator One of our most popular indicators, you can accomplish just about anything with it.

    market delta trading platform

    Long term volume profiles.