CS:GO Major Selection Process FAQ

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In making the decision we act as a proxy for the CS:GO community, and try to choose an event that will: 1 Exceed expectations and innovate.

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  6. CS:GO follows this structure by locking off Competitive matches to new players, forcing them to earn a set amount of XP before allowing them to queue.

In addition to some basic restrictions on player eligibility and tournament format, the CS:GO team adds the requirement that the tournament organizer be able to incorporate technical support from Valve to ensure that the CS:GO Major can be fully-featured and broadcast in-client. The Selection Process When it comes to selecting a Major partner, we start by considering proposals from tournament organizers who have demonstrated the ability to smoothly run large-scale events, and who are likely to execute successfully on their proposal.

Next, we where to find bitcoins tarkov the trade-offs presented by each proposal. Or a location may be ideal, but the proposal focuses on the in-person experience to the exclusion of the online viewing experience or vice versa.

Why Do You Need XP?

A: No. The global audience for CS:GO tends to hit its peak at around EST, so we prefer proposals that can place the most important match-ups around that time.

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Q: All things being equal, is it better to propose an event in a larger venue? When we look at proposals, we ask how the organizer intends to use a space in order to create a memorable experience for the audience. As long as the local attendees are having fun and that experience is communicated over the stream, any venue can work.

About This Game

Q: Is it a problem if other games are featured at the same event as the Major? A: Not at all, as long as the CS:GO part of the event is competitive with other proposals based on the criteria mentioned above.

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Does that reduce my appeal as a partner for the Major Series? Not necessarily.

how to quickly earn a title in cs go

We judge business partners by their customer focus, their ability to work within constraints and identify and execute on goals. Specifically, we pay attention to the relationship between the tournament organizer and the community, because a large part of the work of being a Major partner is keeping the CS:GO community informed of developments, features, upcoming stages of how to quickly earn a title in cs go event, etc.

Does that help our chances of being selected?

how to quickly earn a title in cs go

A: It depends. New features usually add risk to an event e.

how to quickly earn a title in cs go

To measure that risk, we look at past events by the organizer. We selected PGL because of the innovation in production described in their proposal, their track record of innovating in that space, and because of their proven success in executing high quality events.

how to quickly earn a title in cs go

Q: What can I focus on to make our proposal stand out? Q: What is your timeline for making a decision?

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However, the shorter timeline had the downside of limiting preparation time for partners and teams, which increasingly became a point of feedback from the community.

Moving forward, our plan is to select Major partners one event in advance. Will you tell me who you selected?

how to quickly earn a title in cs go