Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden and China: a PolitiFact explainer

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Tony Bobulinski claimed that emails, text messages and audio recordings he released show the Democratic presidential nominee was entangled in a venture involving a Chinese firm.

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Carlson ran a follow-up segment the next night, claiming Fox News had procured additional documents related to Hunter Biden but that they went missing in the mail. So far, much of what Bobulinski has said remains unverified.

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What Trump allies were trying to sell as a smoking gun in the run-up to the election has produced little smoke thus far. Who is Tony Bobulinski, why is he all over News Feed? Bobulinski claimed he met with the Biden family multiple times.

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On Oct. Bobulinski was brought into the venture by James Gilliar, an English businessman who purportedly knew the Bidens through Rob Walker, a former Clinton administration official. The company was incorporated in Delaware in May Bobulinski claimed otherwise. Both reported that they do not show Joe Biden had business dealings with SinoHawk Holdings or took money from the Chinese internet earnings audio hunter.

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The tabloid published an article Oct. No news organizations have been able to verify the authenticity of those emails.

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Former Trump aide Steve Bannon told the Times that Bobulinski got spooked by the length of time the Journal was taking on the story and sent an on-the-record statement to a range of news organizations. Breitbart, a conservative site, published the statement. PolitiFact has not been able to, either.

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Financial disclosures and tax records for Joe Biden show no indication of any income related to the venture at hand, as the Times and Vox reported. The email appeared to describe a proposal for the division of equity related to the venture, before it fell through. Hunter Biden has been involved in multiple business dealings with Chinese companies, but there is no evidence that his father played a role.

Share Article via Email Key Points President-elect Joe Biden said that he is confident Hunter Biden did nothing wrong, as his son faces a criminal tax probe by federal prosecutors.

In his statements to the press, Bobulinski cited a September report from Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. Hunter Biden got involved with the investment fund after it was set up in by Rosemont Seneca Partners, a company he helped form inand the Bank of China.

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Hunter Biden was an unpaid board member until Octoberwhen he took a 10 percent financial stake in the company. But they are not the smoking gun internet earnings audio hunter some have made them out to be, and they have not been found to have had any influence on U. There is no evidence that Joe Biden was orchestrating or benefiting from these deals.

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