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Option specification is. DISClAIMER_TradingSpecs

For example, a list element with opt-name background specifies an option that can be specified on the command line using the long option --background.

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Further information about the option — whether it takes a value, whether it is required to be present in the command line, and so on — is specified by the option properties. In the example of the preceding section, we already saw that a long option name can have a equivalent short option character.

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The value property specifies whether an option requires or accepts a value. If the value property is set to t, the option requires a value: getopt-long will signal an error if the option name is present without a corresponding value.

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If set to f, the option does not take a value; in this case, a non-option word that follows the option name in the command line will be treated as a non-option argument. If the option name for an option with ' value optional is immediately followed in the command line by another option name, the value for the first option is implicitly t.

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The required? If the required? Finally, the predicate property can be used to constrain the possible values of an option.

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If used, the predicate property should be set to a procedure that takes one argument — the proposed option value option specification is a string — and returns either t or f according as the proposed value is or is not acceptable.

If the predicate procedure returns f, getopt-long will signal an error.

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By default, options do not have single-character equivalents, are not required, and do not take values. Where the list element for an option includes a value property but no predicate property, the option values are unconstrained.

Minimum price movement tick size and value See applicable tick size table [1] Option style American style Holders of long positions are entitled to exercise their options before or on the expiration date. Expiry months Weekly; 1, 2, 3 monthly; 6, 9, 12 months quarterly of the March, June, September, December cycle ; 18, 24 months half yearly of the June, December cycle and 36, 48, 60 months yearly of the December cycle.