Wheeled bin from Weber. Options

Bin options, Powered VME Crates


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    Circular skids are stronger, more stable and allows the bins to be easily moved. Skids can be welded on in the factory or bolted on at the job site.

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    Number demo account in bets rings used in skid construction is based on bin tonnage. Skids can be mounted on hopper bins from bushels to 10, bushels. Site Preparation The following steps should be taken before you place your hoppers with skids at the site.

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    Failure to heed will void the warranty. Remove all organic and soft soil from the site.

    Support services Kerbside bins and collections Red and yellow bins are provided to residents for the safe and easy disposal of general household waste and recyclable materials. Residents can also opt to have a green bin to dispose of garden waste such as grass clippings, small branches, leaves and small logs. Various bin sizes are available to suit the needs of your household see Bin options below. Additional bins can be provided for a fee. Bin collection will be altered during the Easter and Christmas holidays.

    Compact the exposed base to confirm there are no soft or unstable areas. Base soil must be good quality with good bearing capacity. Using the above criteria, a one ring skid could support pounds per linear foot of skid and a two ring skid could support pounds per linear foot of bin options and a three ring skid could support pounds per linear foot of skid.

    Vents are optional on smaller sizes and are recommended if drying system are used in the bin. Aeration Aeration is an option in regular profile and low profile hopper cones. Safety Cages Optional safety cages and roof hand rails can be added to any bin of any size.

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    Warranty 5 year warranty comes standard on all Goebel products. Hopper cones come standard with a 24 month paint warranty. Delivery Prairie Steel will deliver our products anywhere in western Canada with our own fleet of trucks and trailers.

    We will unload right on your site and then the crew will build.

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    No moving hopper cones after the fact. Gallery Safety bin options and roof ladder hand rails can be an added option on any Goebel bin. Prairie steel rolls a number of skid bases from a single ring right up to the massive 4 ring skid.

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