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DOI: Since the first oral contraceptive was introduced in the s, hormonal contraception has undergone various stages of advancement. Today, oral contraceptive regimens are safer and more tolerable, with equal or improved efficacy, than available options early formulations.

Incremental decreases in the dose of estrogens have helped to alleviate some of the unwanted estrogenic side effects of combined hormonal contraceptives. Progestogens have also evolved over time, and newer generations of progestins have minimal side effects.

Option (finance)

New delivery methods have further extended the range of options available to women. Among these, the transdermal patch and vaginal ring are widely used.

Getting Information from the Wolfram System How to Find Available Options The default behavior for a function in the Wolfram Language is carefully chosen to be suitable for the vast majority of cases. The Wolfram Language also gives you fine-grained control over the behavior of most functions by providing options that you can customize.

This review examines available combined hormonal contraceptive options and compares them, where data are available, for efficacy, safety, cycle control, adverse events profiles and associated risks, and user preference and satisfaction.

We also examine particular areas of interest, including bone mineral density, venous thrombosis and use of antiepileptic drugs.

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