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How to make money for a session. How to Make Money As a Photographer


We were determined to get rid of every broken element. The Blumes needed an open-ended approach that encouraged product purchasing.

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No ordering sessions. Without a guided sales process, clients would either spend very little on products, or nothing at all.

Brochures or Digital Ads Great, now how do I actually make money as a photographer? Okay, the answer is a basic formula. Generate more money than it costs to operate the business.

The Blumes decided to make ordering sessions a non-negotiable part of the mini session experience. Impersonal experience. The less the Blumes interacted with their mini session clients, the less likely those clients were to return the next year.

Learn How to Make BIG Money with Mini Sessions

They decided to enhance the overall experience so clients would want to return over and over. Photographers are well-acquainted with the concept, and most clients have at least heard of mini sessions. When a curious potential client reaches out, the Blumes introduce them to an entirely fresh approach to mini sessions.

The Blumes Attract the Right Clients.

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Avoid the Wrong Ones. That meant that, when someone raised an objection to our price, our answer was always to compromise, to give in, to make an exception. And that set a terrible expectation for the client that we were basically cheap vendors who would change according to their preferences.

Conventional wisdom tells you that your ideal client is one who shares your hobbies and loves the TV shows you love. The practical outcome of a shared-values approach is that you end up with loyal, connected, return clients and long-term relationships.

How to Make Money As a Photographer

First, they reach out to their exclusive audience — legacy clients who get early booking access. Then, if there are still mini session slots available, they email a broader list of leads and advertise the event via social media. The Blumes embed a call-to-action in every email and ad.

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This button takes potential clients to a custom landing page made just for mini sessions. From there, clients are granted a hour window to review the session how to make money for a session, sign the contractand secure their booking.

11 Tips for Profitable Mini-Sessions for Photographers

Follow-Up Emails Keep the Anticipation High A short series of two to three pre-session emails ensures the best possible photography experience for each client. Like most photographers, they keep their mini sessions simple by shooting in local parks. Was it going to be worth it?

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  • How to Make Money As a Photographer – Session

They had to try. The best part of these personal ordering sessions? Even if your clients have concerns or questions, you learn so much.

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And you refine your process and your picture-taking as a result. I can see you through the window. Come on in.

And once they came through the front door, we controlled the experience from there. You only need to spend about 15 minutes walking a client through their ShootProof gallery and reminding them of the products you offer. Set aside time.

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Book a two-hour window for both in-person and online ordering sessions. Your in-person orderers will place their orders during that time frame while sitting beside you.

Online orderers, however, can proceed without you after the minute walk through. Allow bonus online ordering time.

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Give each online orderer an extra 48 hours to enjoy and order their photographic prints and products from their ShootProof gallery. Your clients are seeing themselves, their emotions, and their personalities in those photos — not the little technical issues that you see.

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You might even have some success with that approach, but people are going to walk away with a bad taste in their mouths. What do my clients want?

Worth Every Penny -- A step-by-step guide on how to make money with your portrait photography without sacrificing family time. What is a Mini-Session? Mini-sessions are little samples of your work. These type of sessions are a low-risk way for clients to try you out.

How can I help them get the right products for their home? To promote top-tier packages, the Blumes use free gift incentives such as digital negatives or a ShootProof Mobile App. They explain the why for all their methods and steps and break it down such that you walk out feeling confident in the process.

Stick to their plan — it works!