Which country has the most malware-infected devices?

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New research reveals which countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have the largest number of internet-connected devices infected with malware "bots" that allow criminals to use the device as part of co-ordinated cyber attacks. The research was released Tuesday by Norton, a division of the security software company Symantec, and found that Turkey had the largest number of "bot" infections.

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There is one bot for every 1, internet users in Turkey, and the country contains The U. John Lund Once a device, such as a computer, laptop or smartphone, is infected with a bot, it can be used remotely by criminals as part of a "botnet", a network of hundreds or thousands of devices, which can be used to commit crimes including denial-of-service attacks in order to cause a website to crash.

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The device owner may not even know their device is being used in this way. Botnets are global in nature, and an infected device in Europe could contribute to an attack in Asia, controlled by a cybercriminal in North America.

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We'd probably have bots attacking from the Antarctic if there was more bandwidth there," Paul Wood, head of cybersecurity research at Symantec, said in a press release. Cyber criminals are most likely to target consumer devices that lack security and are easy to infect, according to Nick Shaw, vice president and general manager EMEA at Norton.

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As more and more appliances become connected, should companies be cautious to implement these innovations? Rushing headlong into the latest technology will always have its risks, but the potential gains of internet connected devices are significant," added Shaw.

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Businesses shouldn't be scared away but they should absolutely employ caution and think ahead about their approach bot networks and earnings integration.