Options vs. Futures: What’s the Difference?

Options features


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    The calculated values may be displayed in several widgets to help traders evaluate options markets and positions. Options Trade Monitor Options Trade Monitor displays time and sales data for a selected family of products and provides details for each trade.

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    The Options Options features Monitor also includes a robust, multi-layer filtering tool to narrow the display of trades by product, strike, order quantity, days to expiration and more.

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    Watchlist The Watchlist widget provides the ability to monitor market data for selected instruments and strategies as well as Greeks and theoretical values of user-defined options strategies before actually submitting them to the market. Autofit Vol Surface Greeks and theoretical values used across the widgets in the TT platform are based on a fitted vol curve calculated using industry-standard options models.

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    The custom vol curves can then be used as an alternative to the autofit vol surface for calculating theoretical values and Greeks. Options Risk Matrix The Options Risk Matrix displays the performance of an options portfolio under multiple user-defined scenarios. Traders can enter a series of changes to the underlying price as well as changes in volatility.

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    Volatility Calculator The Volatility Calculator widget can be used to calculate the Theoretical Value and Implied Volatility of an option at any underlying price.

    The OBV order type options features re-prices working orders to price levels with the desired volatility.