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That means millions of students are being left behind. For families, not having internet access can mean missing out on information or losing out on a direct line of communication with schools and teachers.

The Absence of Internet at Home is a Problem for Some Students

One of the biggest problems faced by students without internet access at home is their inability to complete homework. Homework has long been a source of hot debate within the education community.

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Should homework be assigned? Those who say yes argue that homework allows students to continue learning at home and prepares them for the rigors of college. Others claim that homework is unfair—home is not an even playing field, and some students have access to more resources and a better environment for completing homework.

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The internet has only intensified this debate. They may fall behind, or they might spend hours looking for free Wi-Fi access points. Schools increasingly expect parents to be able to log on, too. Teachers use email lists to update parents on field trips, class activities, and more.

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School websites may be the only place for parents to find valuable information. Even grades are going online, with many schools using internet-based grade books. In practice, this can mean certain parents are left behind—namely, those without reliable internet access. Who exactly are these students without internet access? Inthe Pew Research Center analyzed data from studies on internet access and found that the problem is mainly in low-income families. There is also a racial gap when it comes to internet access.

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Students from low-income families and minority students are often already at a disadvantage. Black and Hispanic students score lower on standardized tests and are less likely to earn a college degree.

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Students from wealthier families consistently make better SAT scores than those from lower income families. A lack of reliable, high-speed internet will only make the so-called achievement gap wider. Now low-income and minority students may also have to fight against the gap between students with internet access and those without.

  • Internet neutrality[ edit ] Network neutrality is the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally.
  • Think before you post anything online or share information in emails.
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This new inequality is often called the digital divide, and it is a growing problem in education. There are many proposed solutions.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images Pew Research Center conducted this study to understand how Americans think about the role of the internet and cellphones amid the coronavirus outbreak. For this analysis, we surveyed 4, U. This way nearly all U. This gives us confidence that any sample can represent the whole U.

Some school districts now provide free Wi-Fi on school busesallowing students to complete homework during their commute. Programs sponsored by the government and other organizations help provide low-income families with internet access.

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How can school districts and other stakeholders help students who lack high-speed internet access? Tell us what you think!

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