Customer Service Job for Teens

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You could already be established in your field with years of experience. You could even travel the world while you earnings remotely under 18 Blogger If you want to become a blogger, your best bet is to follow your passion.

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If you love the entertainment industry, focus on that โ€” whether you create your own blog or write for others. Starting a blog is easy. Plus, they cost very little to maintain a few dollars per month and can produce big rewards.

Influencer Are you a social media whiz kid? Do you have an online following that makes people envious? Do you know how to craft engaging social media posts that garner tons of attention? Those attributes can make you a great influencer, which is a role that can earn you a fantastic paycheck.

You can get paid by brands if you build a large enough following. Worth mentioning is that earnings remotely under 18 of the common ways to make money from growing an audience, such as YouTube or AdSense ads, have a minimum age requirement of 18 or parental permission is required. As such, make sure to read the terms and conditions or have your parents read themif you want to invest a lot of time in building an online brand.

It can be a lucrative online job for both high schoolers and college students.

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You can embark on this career path remotely or for a local company. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Read our guide to making money as a bloggerwhich goes into more detail about how affiliate marketing works. Social Media Manager Do you have a knack for crafting clever, viral social media posts? Then you could be a highly-paid social media manager.

Etsy Are you a crafter? Do you want a place to sell your masterpieces? You can make a decent side income on Etsy. To do well on the site, you need to keep in mind what sells.

For example, one of the top categories is jewelry.

18 High-Paying Remote Jobs with $100K+ Salaries

People have been turning big profits on eBay since it was founded in You can sell things you already own and no longer have a use for. And if time is an issue, you can sell things only when you need money. Amazon There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to making money on Amazon.

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You can buy things from local stores โ€” from toys to technology โ€” and sell them on the site for more money this is called retail arbitrage. You can also sell books on the site.

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Many library branches receive book donations they sell during a sale once or twice a year. My local library has a book sale with thousands of titles twice per year.

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Maybe what appeals to you is a series of one-time, bite-sized jobs that you can spend the afternoon on, get paid some extra cash for, and forget about as soon as you finish the work. If that sounds like you, repetitive microtasks might be your best bet.

Data Entry A data entry clerk inputs numeric, alphabetic or symbolic characters usually into a spreadsheet or database program. Related: The best online typing jobs.

Summary of Online Jobs For Teens

Fiverr Fiverr is a website that offers a wide variety of jobs, including graphic design and proofreading. But there are also customers on Fiverr looking for illustrators, singers, voiceover artists, and almost everything else you can think of.

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If you have a jam-packed school and extracurricular schedule, you can fit side jobs in whenever you have free time. It can be a weekend jobor you can work as little or as much as you want. They want to make sure their search engines are coming up with relevant results.

18 Best Online Jobs to Make Money from Home

Related: How to get paid for searching the web. These jobs can include things like moderating content, doing research and more. You have to have some equipment for this job, like a computer with a working microphone and internet connection. Selling Textbooks This is a great choice for college students.

10+ Work at Home Jobs for Teens To Make Money Online - Apply Today!

You can sell your textbooks back to your college, but they will pay you pennies on the dollar. You can do better than that by selling the book online.