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Universal In an age when we demand other prolific choices on the marquee outside of standard superhero and family franchise IP, musicals have shown to be a solid form of counterprogramming that taps into female audiences. Oscar-winning filmmaker Hooper, after doing justice to that stage opera on screen, could certainly be trusted in adapting Cats.

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The audience is certainly there. No one was miscast. In order for the movie to one-up the stage musical, there was a great degree of CGI and mo-cap implemented with the costumes, plus sets built twice the size of its human actors.

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Obviously the school yard assault by critics goes all the way back to the uncanny valley response to the trailer that was dropped during San Diego Comic Con. Universal wanted to get a trailer out for the film timed to the release of The Lion King, which was opening over Comic-Con weekend, to appeal to mass family audiences.

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Note overall it was a challenge for Uni to market this movie because Cats footage was never ready. I understand that while VFX were improved following the social media backlash to the M-plus viewed trailer back in July, the whole notion of dancing actor-felines continued to divide, if not freak out audiences.

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Universal One problem I would argue with the critics toward the film is not many of them have seen the original stage Lloyd Webber stage show. Another thing about the critical response is that Lloyd Webber even by theater critics has continually gotten kicked in the pants for his bubble gum fare on stage, catchy songs and lack of plot.

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As it happens, Cats does vaguely attempt a story, and it also aspires to become the first British dance musical in the Broadway tradition. Prior to that, inplaywright Tom Stoppard reportedly took a crack at the screen version of the stage musical.

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The problem really was — Daniel Day-Lewis just could not sing in the lead role. Nonetheless, hope resides at Uni for Cats.

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