5 Ways to Make Money on the Weekends

Where you can make money for the weekend

Postmates 4. Lyft driver Another great idea for a weekend side hustle is to drive Uber or Lyft.

By Workopolis Forbes recently claimed that roughly 1 in 3 millennials are making money outside of their 9 to 5 job. How are they doing it? With a side-gig of course.

Extra Cash Weekend jobs

Side-gigs have become the new normal, with people taking advantage of their web development and graphic design skills to pad their income. Odds are, you already have all the skills you need to make where you can make money for the weekend money…starting this weekend. Love writing and travel?

Start a travel blog.

30 Amazing Ways To Make Extra Money On Weekends – Some Involve Getting Paid To Have Fun

Prefer, helping people and have a unique skillset? Create an online course.

Finding the time to fit in a second job? Get creative and think about how you can use skills you already have to make the most of any spare time you have. It can be easy to take your skills for granted. For example, you might be really organized. Well, you could use that skill to help someone manage their email inbox and charge for being a virtual assistant!

The options are limitless; you just have to be creative. You never know, one day you may even be able to take your side-gig full-time! Find a freelance gig As we mentioned, if you have experience with something like web design or development, writing, video animation, or graphic design there are tons of companies looking for contract workers.

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In fact, a study conducted by Elance showed Canada to be in the top four countries worldwide to be hiring freelancers behind the U. S, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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Take a look at the number of dedicated freelancer how to make 500, 000 quickly, including Workopolis, where you can do a quick search for freelancer jobs. Companies are starting to realize that niche celebrities have a lot of influence on the spending habits of their audience.

The most popular ways to make money blogging are: affiliate marketing where you earn a small commission fee when someone buys a product you recommendadvertising, and sponsored posts where companies will pay you to write about them. It may take you a while to make significant money through these methods but at the very least display advertising though Google AdSense will have you making money on any traffic coming to your blog right away.

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Take Eden from Mint Notion for example, she blogs about finance and travel. Set up an Etsy shop If you never quite grew out of that arts and crafts phase as a child, Etsy is the perfect place for you to start making some money. The user-friendly platform makes it simple for anyone to set up their own storefront.

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There are lots of companies that look for people to help them market and sell their products, many offering part-time options. Start by looking at companies or products you are passionate about, and make sure to check Workopolis for some great Brand Ambassador gigs in your hometown.

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Find Brand Ambassador jobs. Create an online course Consider yourself a bit of an expert in a specific field? Create a course!

33 Ways To Make Extra Money In The Weekends!

Websites like Udemy make it simple for you to upload your own course and sell it at whatever price you want. The best thing about this? You only have to put in the effort one time up-front to see the recurring benefits. If you have a car, consider driving for Uber when you have a spare moment.

19 Best Weekend Jobs to Make Extra Money

Own your home or apartment? Try listing it on Airbnb, especially if you live in a big city like Toronto or Vancouver. Find Uber jobs.

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Teach English online Online learning has been growing in popularity for quite some time. There are companies that now offer services that teach people languages around the world, from the comfort of their own home. Related articles.