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    LEED dictates moved offices into the core of the building and moved panel heights down to bring more natural light throughout table for trading space. The desire to increase collaboration among employees has also driven down or pushed out panel dividers.

    Technology has made workers more mobile and has reduced individual storage needs.

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    More square footage is being allocated to informal collaboration spaces and less to individual workstations. Some teams may work best when they can communicate easily, but most people still need some privacy and the ability to focus to tune out the distractions around them.

    And of course, we strongly advocate bringing height adjustable workstations, properly outfitted with ergonomic accessories, into these modern offices.

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    Some people will choose to stand most of the day, and others will rarely stand but will adjust the surface height to be comfortable for them. In either case, giving the choice is best, empowering your employees and showing them you value them and their health. For each of these exchanges, the trading floor is no longer where the work is done.

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    That is of course also true for stock and bond traders. Sound familiar?

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    Traders trading indicators great ergonomics to support them over the many hours of intense work every day, and there is no better resource than Applied Ergonomics for either fixed or height-adjustable stations, ergonomic seating, monitor arms and other accessories that make the station fit the worker—the very definition of ergonomics.

    For individual traders and others who are tied to their desk, be sure to consider our Focal Upright desking system for state-of-the-art ergonomic perching. Quick Links.