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    Re: One-way car rental: what's the cheapest option?

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    And someone who chooses, from all the rental business to use theirs? As no-one arrives at Volos on international flights it is unlikely to happen.

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    Would you be willing to pay rental for all the days the car might be stood waiting for a customer who wants one- way option drive back to Athens? Of course not. And who is going to valet the car for the new customer?

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    I realise you are disappointed or even frustrated by this but you really are not thinking through the full practicalities from the hirers point of view.

    So many people do ask, so don't feel you are the first. Nor are you being in any way unreasonable but I am afraid you just have to accept either the one way fee which is the cost of your convenience or find alternatives.

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    If you post a new request about public transport options use "Athens to Volos, Volos to Igoumenitsa buses" as a suggested topic title someone with knowledge will hopefully be able to help you. A lot of people do manage to get around by bus.

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    Best of luck anyway with your plans! I am sorry I did not have a magic wand to wave for you. Report inappropriate content.