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    And, the reason was obviously not because diamonds are a girl's best friend.

    It was because many Mughal princesses and queen mothers had great interest in commerce. They owned ships and traded from the port city earning huge profits. In fact, the revenue of flourishing Surat port was gifted to Jahanara by her fond father.

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    The doctor was generously rewarded. At the function to celebrate the recovery of 'the angelic one', Shahjahan gave her the harbour dues of Surat.

    Хилвар терпеливо складывал по кусочку мозаику этой невероятной истории, и Олвин совсем потерял ощущение времени.

    He also donated Rs 80, to charity on the occasion. The largest and most famous of Jahanara's ships was 'Sahebi' named after Begum Saheb, the popular title she was known by. It was constructed by the begum at Surat, and operated from there. Jahanara owned another ship 'Ganjavar', which originally belonged to Shahjahan.

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    He gave it to her in AD and it also operated from Surat. Apart from Jahanara, there were other distinguished women of that time who had such ventures.


    Jehangir's mother Maryam-uz-Zamani was interested in trade. She owned ships, one of them being the famous 'Rahimi', and carried on trade from Surat to various ports of the Red Sea.

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