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    Wix One of the more highly regarded free hosts, Wix has nice templates, add-on apps, unlimited pages and much more.

    Before comparing the top website builders, we recommend that you write down what you want to do with your website?

    You won't get a custom domain name, and you'll see Wix advertising. Here is an example of a few Wix templates: The free templates here seem a little aged, but their tagline is Free Website Builder.

    For those who want to tinker a bit more on the default templates, they allow more customization. Moonfruit The free option allows 15 pages, including ads for Moonfruit.

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    You'll have to upgrade to get your own domain, more pages, and remove branding. This one has an addition of ecommerce features and allows you to build a shop and publish products to other networks.

    They have clean, minimalist designs, built with HTML5, and are mobile optimized.

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    Here are a few examples of Moonfruit's themes: Weebly Another option with ecommerce abilities and unlimited pages. This service integrates mobile features such as mobile management of online orders and analytics. There are some advanced features here worth looking at, including a drag-and-drop template editor and email with your domain.

    The granddaddy of all free best web options is WordPress. You can build many types of sites on the free account, but you'll need a paid account to get into ecommerce and use your own domain name.

    You wouldn't best web options wrong choosing WordPress, though its templates are still somewhat blog-centric, as it's primarily a blogging platform.

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    This is a special mention, simply because it's free. Tumblr is more for personal sharing or blogging than for businesses.

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    If you simply want a website to share your favorite things and blog, check out Tumblr. If you intend to grow your website into a huge ordeal, catering to thousands of customers with full online account management, ecommerce and the whole bit, you'll want to look into dedicated hosting and eventually having your own web developers managing things.

    They are an all-encompassing platform tailor-made for WordPress and powering over 2 million websites.

    A dedicated host doesn't necessarily imply big costs, but it does mean more ability to customize. You'll own a server in the cloudand you can do as you please with it. You'll need to learn some things, or hire a developer on occasion for small tasks.

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    What you want to look for is a hosting provider with a control panel on their systems. One of the most popular is called cPanel.

    • Best website builder for Squarespace, Wix and more compared - CNET
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    From this one control panel, you can view analytics, make backups, create email accounts, perform file management, and install the website software itself. Popular hosting companies with cPanel include:.

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