How do people make so much money, How do people make so much money?

The mistake I do, is that when getting people on-board, I tend to show them only the money side of the platform.

how do people make so much money

And to be honest, a lot of people are here to make money from their work; and that's why people join! But is that the right approach?.

how do people make so much money

Image Source I want to talk about how people make so much money on Steemit! I'm sure there are other similar articles on the site, but I'm here to talk about my experience. What a minnow a normal user needs to do to earn a few dollars or more from every post! Yes, it can happen, and it will. Money is, after all, a good motivation, and it does motivate the newcomers when they see people making tonnes of money.

how do people make so much money

But that's not all there is to Steemit! And when they join, but don't start making good money in the first few days, they tend to leave, which isn't good for anyone. Promoting Steemit! We don't, or rather, I don't really talk about the other aspects of Steemit, and the great platform we have here.

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This is still a social network, one that is better than the rest! And because it's a social network, you get to meet a lot of awesome and talented people, read awesome content, see beautiful pictures, listen to awesome music, look at the creative side of people who show us their art, and a lot more.

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I used awesome way too many times didn't I? That's awesome!!!

how do people make so much money

And on the side, you also make money. That's how you gotta promote Steemit. Although, showing newcomers Sign Up Page the thousands of dollars that the whales and dolphins make is not really a very good thing. Yes, it's all cool, but to really make so much money, you have to tell them that it's going to take a while! I'm going to talk about some things that firepowera little bit of research and some brain power, told me.

So How Do People Make Good Money Here?

Be Consistent Concept of real option Source This is very very important! If you want to see the money coming in, you have to be consistent. And that doesn't only apply to posting content, but also to browsing through other people's content, upvoting, leaving good valuable comments, welcoming new users, and following people!

Grind Every Single Day You have to do the commenting, upvoting, and even post content as much as you can.

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That's how you will grow your followers and bring something valuable to the community. Doing this every single day will only bring good results that much faster.

There are so many people on the platform who write posts and comment every single day! These are the one's who're going to get the benefits, or have already started to!

Stay Image Source Don't be like me! I was lazy, and if you check my wallet, I haven't made much money yet, but that's my fault really. I have been very inactive, even though I joined in August last year. If I had stayed consistent, I'm sure I'd have been making decent or even good money by now.


How do people make so much money had a few reasons though, for how do people make so much money, I hated my previous job, and I was and still going through personal issues.

I've since quit the job, and now that I have a lot of free time, i have started being consistent here. I make sure that I post something, even if it's a picture or two, every single day. Also quality content helps create an image for yourself, but it isn't like you should always post awesome motivating or informative or creative posts.

how do people make so much money

You can just post a picture or two, tell us about your day, write a poem, draw some doodles or anything that you like. Stay for the long run!

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Just like relationships, if you don't put in the effort and give up and take things for granted, it won't work out. Speaking from experience here. Don't Expect to Make Good Money Overnight Image Source You're not going to make a lot of money overnight, unless you've written a really good Introduction post and have friends in high places!

how do people make so much money

I have gone through profiles of so many users who've been here since July last year, to find that nobody really made any money in the first few months. Once you're writing everyday or at least a few times a week and are actively participating in the platform by commenting, following, welcoming new members, then you will start seeing results.

It make take a few weeks or it could take months, but it will happen.