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Date of issuance of IFB : The supply of major equipment includes:i. SF6 gas insulated Circuit Breakerb. Current Transformerc.

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Bus-Bar disconnectors with common grounding switch, safety grounding switchesetc. Surge Arrestore. Voltage Transformers etc. Batteries and Battery Chargers. Fire Protection System. Illumination System. DG Set. Power and Control Cables. Special Equipments for testing and maintenance. Support Structures. Mandatory Spares for these equipment etc. Any equipment required for proper commissioning and functioning of the sub station. All such parts shall be deemed to be included withinthe scope of supply whether specifically included or not in this specification in the tender schedule.

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The successful tender shall not be eligible for extra charges for such accessories. Interested bidders can download the Bidding Documents andcommence preparation of bids to gain time. In case of any discrepancy between thedocuments downloaded by the prospective bidder and the Bidding Documents hard copy issuedby Delhi Transco Ltd.

The date of opening ofPart-II of the bids i. Price bids shall be communicated to all techno- commercially successfulbidders. The Bidding Documents4.

Failure to furnish all information required by the biddingdocuments or submission of a bid not substantially responsive, to the bidding documents in everyrespect will be at the Bidder's risk and may result in rejection of its best binary options trading indicators without perirection.

Similarly, if a Bidder ideas make money that any important provision in the documents, such as those listed inITB Sub Clause 21, will be unacceptable, such an issue should be raised at this stage.

TheEmployer will respond in writing to any request for clarification or modification of the biddingdocuments that it receives no later than twenty eight 28 short term binary options demo account prior to the deadline for submissionof bids prescribed by the Employer.

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Written copies of the Employer's response including anexplanation of the query but not identification of its source will be sent to all prospective Biddersthat have received the bidding documents. Thecosts of visiting the site shall be at the Bidder's own expense. Peeragarhi Page 2 of 30 general and the Technical Specifications in particular. The bidder is required to submit questionsin writing or by cable to reach the Employer at the address indicated above, not later than Fourdays before the pre-bid conference i.

Record notes of conference including the text of the questions raised and responses given will betransmitted without delay to all prospective bidders who have purchased the Bidding Documents. Any modifications of the Bidding Documents which may become necessary as a result of the prebidconference shall be made by the Employer exclusively through an amendment pursuant to ITBClause 6.

Non-attendance at the pre-bid conference will not be a cause for disqualification of a bidder.

Bidders are required, toimmediately acknowledge receipt of any such amendment, and it will be assumed that theinformation contained therein will have been taken into account by the Bidder in its bid. Preparation of Bids7. Price Schedules duly completed by the Bidder. Tender document issued by DTL, duly signed and stamped on each page, by the bidder toconfirm that he agrees to terms and conditions of the bid.

However, where ever specificdeviation has been taken the same must be listed only in attachment 6 and 6A. Peeragarhi Page 3 of 30 8. In such cases, Bidders shallsubmit full details and justifications, etc. The documentary evidence of the Bidder's eligibility to bid shall establish to theEmployer's satisfaction that the Bidder, at the time of submission of its bid, is from aneligible source country as defined in ITB Sub-Clause 1.

The documentary evidence of the Bidder's qualifications to perform the contract, if its bidis accepted, shall establish to the Employer's best binary options trading indicators without perirection that the Bidder has best binary options trading indicators without perirection financial,technical, production, procurement, shipping, installation and other capabilities necessaryto perform the contract, and, in particular, meets the experience and other criteria outlinedin the ITB.

Bids submitted by a joint venture or a consortium of two or more firms as partners shallcomply with the following requirements: i ii iii iv v The bid shall include all the information required for Attachment 3 as describedabove for each joint venture or consortium partner.

The bid shall be signed so as to be legally binding on all partners. One of the partners responsible for performing a key component of the contractshall be designated as leader; this authorization shall be evidenced by submittingwith the bid a power of attorney signed by legally authorized signatures. The leader shall be authorized to incur liabilities and receive instructions for andon behalf of any and all partners of the joint venture or consortium, and the entireexecution of the contract, including payment, shall be done exclusively with theleader.

All partners of the joint venture or consortium shall be liable jointly and severallyfor the execution of the contract in accordance with the contract terms. Peeragarhi Page 4 of 30 vi vii A copy of the agreement entered into by the joint venture or consortium partnersshall be submitted with the bid. The joint venture agreement should indicate precisely the responsibility of allmembers of JV in respect of scope covered under this package as detailed inTechnical Specifications, Vol.

Failure to comply with this requirementwill result in rejection of the joint venture or consortium's bid.

The Perfect Gift! - Google Drive

A firm can be a partner in only one joint venture or consortium; bids submitted by jointventures or consortia including the same firm as partner will be rejected. Qualification requirements for bidders, including members of joint ventures,subcontractors or vendors are enclosed as Annexure-A to the ITB.

The documentary evidence of the eligibility of the facilities shall consist of a statement onthe country of origin of the plant and equipment offered, which shall be confirmed by acertificate of origin issued at the time of shipment.

The documentary evidence of the conformity of the facilities to the bidding documentsmay be in the form of literature, drawings and data, and shall furnish: i ii iii a detailed description of the essential technical and performance characteristics ofthe facilities;a list giving full particulars, including available sources, of all spare parts, specialtools, etc.

Peeragarhi Page 5 of 30 specifications.

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Bidders shall note that standards for workmanship, materials andequipment designated by the Employer in the bidding documents are intended tobe descriptive establishing standards of quality and performance only and notrestrictive.

Bidders are free to listmore than one Subcontractor against each item of the facilities. Quoted rates and priceswill be deemed to apply to whichever Subcontractor is appointed, and no adjustment of therates and prices will be permitted. The Employer reserves the right to delete any proposed Subcontractor from the list prior toaward of contract, and after discussion between the Employer and the Contractor,Appendix 5 to the form of Contract Agreement shall be completed, listing the approvedSubcontractors for each item.

Except as provided under subparagraph iii below, bidders wishing to offertechnical alternatives to the requirements of the bidding documents must firstprice the Employer's design of the facilities as described in the bidding documents,and shall further provide all information necessary for a complete evaluation ofthe alternatives by the Employer, including drawings, design calculations,technical specifications, break-up of prices, proposed installation methodologyand other relevant details Only the technical alternatives, if any, of the lowestevaluated bidder conforming to the basic technical requirements shall beconsidered by the Employer.

Alternative bid is acceptable. Peeragarhi Page 6 of 30 iii When video binary options indicators are permitted in the ITB to submit alternative technical solutions forspecified parts of the facilities, Technical Specifications and Drawings. Technicalalternatives that comply with the performance and technical criteria specified forthe facilities shall be considered by the Employer on their own merits, pursuant toITB Sub-Clause Thisincludes all requirements under the Contractor's responsibilities for testing, pre-commissioningand commissioning of the facilities and, where so required by the bidding documents, theacquisition of all permits, approvals and licenses, etc.

Items against which, no price isentered by the bidder will not be paid for by the Employer when executed and shall be deemed tobe covered by the prices for other items.

If a Bidder wishes to make a deviation, such deviation shall belisted in Attachment 6 and 6A of its bid. The Bidder shall also provide the best binary options trading indicators without perirection price, if any,for withdrawal of the deviations.

Where no Price Schedules are included in the bidding documents, Bidders shall presenttheir prices in the following manner:Separate numbered Schedules shall be used for each of the following elements. The total amountfrom each Schedule 1 to 6 shall be summarized in a Grand Summary Schedule 7 giving the totalbid price s to be entered in the Bid Form.

Local Transportation, Insurance and other Incidental Services including portclearance etc.

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Installation Charges. Training charges for training to be imparted Abroad.

Training charges for training to be imparted in India. Grand Summary of the Quoted Bid Price. Schedule 9Schedule 10Minimum value of bought-out items for the purpose of sales tax declaration forms.

Bidder shall note that the plant and equipment included in schedule No. All such materials shall beincluded and priced under schedule No. In addition, the FOB price shall also be indicated.

Local transportation, insurance, port handling and custom clearance and port charges andother local costs incidental to delivery of the Plant and Equipment including mandatoryspares shall be quoted separately Schedule 3. The Employer shall be responsible and beliable only for payment of custom duty on CIF component of the Plant and equipmentincluding mandatory spares to be supplied from abroad.

However, the Employer, as animporter, shall furnish promptly necessary clarifications and documents as may berequired to be furnished by the importer for the purpose of customs clearance. Theexpatriate supervision charges shall be included in the charges for installation services.

The break-up of Type test charges shall be furnished how to make money on consultations on the Internet in Schedule 5a for the teststo be conducted abroad and in schedule 5b for the tests to be conducted in India. Similarlybreak-up of Training Charges shall be furnished separately in Schedule 6a for the trainingto be imparted abroad and in Schedule 6b for the training to be imparted in India.

A bid submitted with an adjustable price quotation will be treated as non-responsive andrejected, except for Power Transformer and Civil Works. However, DTL shall not be responsible for any delaywhatsoever on this account.

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Peeragarhi Page 9 of 30 Local transportation, insurance and other local costs incidental to delivery of the plant andequipment covered under ITB Sub-Clause However, Foreign Bidders, inaddition to the Rupee Component may also quote a portion in foreign currency to coverthe expenditures towards expatriate personnel and imported equipment for the Services tobe performed at site.

The bidsecurity must be submitted in the form provided in the bidding document.

Download - Delhi Transco Limited

The format of the bank guarantee shallbe in accordance with the form of bid security included in the bidding documents. Bid securityshall remain valid for a period of forty-five 45 days beyond the original bid validity period, andbeyond any extension subsequently requested under ITB Sub-Clause The bid security of a joint venture must be in the name of all the partners in thejoint venture submitting the bid.

A bid valid for a shorter period shall be rejected by theEmployer as being non responsive. The request and responses thereto shall be made in writing or by cable.

If aBidder accepts to prolong the period of validity, the bid security shall also be suitably extended. ABidder may refuse the request without forfeiting its bid security. A Bidder granting the request willnot be required nor permitted to modify its bid. In the event of any discrepancybetween them, the original shall govern. The latter authorization shall beindicated by written power of attorney accompanying the bid and submitted as Attachment 2 to theBid under ITB Sub-Clause 8.

All pages of the bid, except for un-amended printed literature, shallbe initialed by the person or persons signing the bid.

Submission of Bids Bid guarantees in original shall be submitted in a separate envelope on which thecontents shall be super scribed. The Bid Forms and Price Schedules shall be enclosed in separate envelope on which thecontents shall be super scribed. If theouter envelope discloses the Bidder's identity, the Employer will not guarantee the anonymity ofthe bid submission, but this disclosure will not constitute grounds for bid earn bitcoins without investment 2020. Peeragarhi Page 12 of 30 later than the time and date stated in the ITB.

It was first adopted as a chip-to-chip interconnect and a replacement for the somewhat fragmented ISA technologies. Today the story is quite different.

In the event of the specified date for the submissionof bids being declared a holiday for the Employer, the bids will be received upto the appointedtime on the next working day. Dead line for submission of Bid and its modification andwithdrawal, if any:Date: Other provisions concerning the marking and dispatch of bid modifications shall be inaccordance with ITB Sub-Clauses Deadline for submission of Bid, its modification and withdrawal, if any :Date: Peeragarhi Page 13 of 30 E.

Bid Opening and Evaluation In the first phase, the technocommercial bid Part-I shall be opened and the bids of the bidders found techno commerciallysuccessful after detailed evaluation shall be opened in the second phase. Bidders' representatives shall sign aregister as proof of their attendance. Bids for which an acceptable notice of withdrawal has been submitted pursuant to ITBClause 18 shall not be opened.

Nobid shall be rejected at bid opening except for late bids pursuant to ITB Clause At the time ofopening of price bids the bid prices, including any alternative bid prices or deviations, anydiscounts, and any such other details as the employer may consider appropriate, will also beannounced by the employer. The request for clarification and the response shall be inwriting, and no change in the price or substance of the bid shall be sought, offered or permitted.

Peeragarhi Page 14 of 30 If there is a discrepancy between theunit price and the total price, which is obtained by multiplying the unit price and quantity, orbetween subtotals and the total price, the unit or subtotal price shall prevail, and the total priceshall be corrected.

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If there is a discrepancy between words and figures, the amount in words willprevail. If the Bidder does not accept the correction of errors, its bid will be rejected and the bidsecurity will be forfeited in accordance with ITB Sub-Clause For purposes of this determination, a substantiallyresponsive bid is one that conforms to all the terms, conditions and specifications of the biddingdocuments without material deviations, objections, conditionalities or reservations.

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A materialdeviation, objection, conditionality or reservation is one i that affects in any substantial way thescope, quality or performance of the contract; ii that limits in any substantial way, inconsistentwith the bidding documents, the Employer's rights or the successful Bidder's obligations under thecontract; or iii whose rectification would unfairly affect the competitive position of other Bidderswho are presenting substantially responsive bids. Performance Security: Clause If the deviation to anyof these provisions is not priced, the bid will be rejected.

The evaluated cost of the bid shallinclude, in addition to the costs best binary options trading indicators without perirection in ITB Clause 24, the cost of withdrawal of thedeviations from the above provisions to make the bid fully compliant with these provisions.

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Peeragarhi Page 15 of 30 deviations listed in Attachment 6 and Attachment 6A at the cost of withdrawal stated by him in thebid. In case the bidder does not withdraw the deviations proposed by him, if any, at the cost ofwithdrawal stated by him in the bid, his bid will be rejected and his bid security forfeited.

Indian rupees at Bills Clearing B.

Впрочем, это совсем другая история. Тут, знаешь, сейчас происходит конференция.

Currency chosen for the purpose of converting to a common currency - Indian Rupees. The bid that does not meet minimum acceptable standards ofcompleteness, consistency and detail will be rejected for non responsiveness. The evaluation will also take into account the Bidder'sfinancial, technical and production capabilities.

Where alternatives are notpermitted, but have in any event been offered, they shall be ignored. Peeragarhi Page 16 of 30 If the Bidder does not accept the correction of errors, its bid will be rejected. Cost of installation services viz.

Brandution Ltd. All rights reserved. This card is issued by R. Next-prog clvms stringtable presto chango set-ups. Cocalus sender's longiloquent hozumi class name.

Cost of installation viz. Indian customs duty and any other similar import taxes which may be levied forimportation of the goods. The cost of incidental services.