Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives, 8th Edition

John k hull options 8 edition


    Page lines 8 and 9.

    Replace by by. This was kindly pointed out by Sebastien Bossu.

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    Page line Page Example 7. This was kindly pointed out by Emilio Barone. Page line 5.

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    Page Problem Page Example Page line before last equation: replace 0. Page In first paragraph Problem Page line 2.

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    This was kindly pointed out by Hendrik Hofmann Page Line before equation Also problem reference at the end of the next paragraph should be Problem Replace VT by.

    Page Two lines after equation Page line after third equation: Reference to Chapter 27 should be to Chapter Also in last paragraph and last equation 9.

    Page footnote 5: reference to Problem Page Delete references to Tables Also reference to Section Errata in Solutions Manual Page Problem 4. In first equation, last term on the left hand side should be and in the second equation the second term on the left hand side should be.

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    Page Problem 5. The June settlement price is 0. As a result 0.

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    Page line 5: 5e PageProblem In the expression for A 0,5should be. First line after first equation. Replace First line. Replace equation

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