List of 20 richest person in the world 2020

How the richest people in


    By Dan Moskowitz Updated Mar 30, The world's wealthiest people all have certain things in common: legendary work ethics, breakthrough ideas, and absolute commitment to their companies.

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    At the time of updating how the richest people in article, all of the top five wealthiest people founded their own companies, and continue to take an active role in the management of their exorbitant wealth. Though Amazon.

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    An engineer by training, Arnault's business chops became apparent whilst working for his father's engineering company, Ferret-Savinel. He converted the company to a real estate company in He became chairman of the board of LVMH in His own investments are broad, including technology concerns and yacht companies.

    He first bought shares in a textile company called Berkshire Hathaway inbecoming the majority shareholder by He expanded the company to the insurance and other investments in He is also a noted Bitcoin skeptic.

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    Buffett is also known for his frugality. He gives much of his wealth to charity, and has said that he doesn't intend to leave his riches to his children.

    He has also served on the board of Tesla since December Or you can keep it simple and focus on value investing. It also wouldn't hurt to inherit a large sum, as some of the world's wealthiest people have.

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