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Forty-three percent of Americans said they had a package stolen site 1 on optionsa seven point increase overwhen 36 percent revealed they'd been theft victims. The report also revealed that 47 percent of those surveyed filed police reports about their theft.

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Federal Trade Commission is making good on a resolution to strengthen its enforcement of news e- commerce deficiencies occurring in e-commerce transactions. The agency's recent action involving allegations of improper activities by teleconferencing provider Zoom Video Communications is a notable example. Called "Carrier Pickup by Fedex," the program allows items bought at Walmart's online store to be returned with a minimum of hassle by scheduling a home pickup from the store and printing a return label for the item.

The pandemic, however, has upended the cosmetics industry, bringing new challenges as well as a host of opportunities for companies that are agile and creative enough to take advantage.

The e-commerce colossus launched its air shipping division four years ago, but had previously relied on leased jets. ETtech Udaan will utilise the funding to capitalise on growth in the B2B e-commerce market, especially among SMEs due to the coronavirus pandemic. PTI Amazon has now included Marathi among preferred languages on its app and website so the issue no longer exists, advocate Thakur said. PTI Juspay has in a blogpost termed as "grossly inaccurate" reports that suggested that data of 10 crore cardholders was compromised in the data breach that took place on 18 August The e-commerce major's argument is that Future violated the contract by entering into the deal with rival Reliance.

The E-Commerce Times spoke with experts in cosmetic sales about trends in this dynamic and evolving industry. Instead of signing, users click to check a box, or click on a button with a label such as 'I Agree' or 'Accept'.

That action authorizes the included consent language. These robot shoppers, unleashed by cybercriminals, emulate the activity of ticket scalpers in the real world.

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The cost to businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who use subscription services in their work has yet to be calculated.

The E-Commerce Times spoke with m-commerce specialists to find out what's behind the rapid growth of consumers shopping on mobile devices, what mobile shoppers require from shopping apps, and how retailers can provide a better experience for their customers who shop on mobile devices.

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To help consumers -- and give e-tailers a heads up about better security -- the E-Commerce Times discussed holiday shopping issues with a panel of cybersecurity experts. They offered advice on how consumers can avoid buying counterfeit products; and analyses of how fake goods affect the broader retail market.


In fact, was a "historic year" for federal cloud migration, according to Alex Rossino, senior principal research news e- commerce at Deltek. The e-commerce giant is setting up a new drugstore on its platform, Amazon Pharmacy, that will allow customers to complete a pharmacy transaction on their desktop or through the company's mobile app.

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Amazon said that filling prescriptions at its pharmacy would be as easy as shopping anywhere else on the platform. The E-Commerce Times caught up with experts in food sales, packaging, and e-commerce to get their viewpoints on the meal kit trend.

Online food and beverage sales are forecast to grow by 60 percent in However, much of how the grocery industry still operates is locked in the norms of the to era, with dull, out-of-date and clunky online shopping experiences.